Food and Faith Initiative

Partner with us in transforming environmental stewardship.

Clergy Making a Place

Converse with community leaders on key issues.

Faith-Based Nonprofit Leadership Program

Prepare to lead a non-profit.

Lecture Series

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From joint degrees in bioethics, counseling, education, law and sustainability to concentrations in areas like faith and health, to responding to growing food-related challenges with the Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative, we are transforming the way religious leaders are educated. With opportunities for community-oriented service, worship arts, social justice advocacy, and activism, we are creating opportunities that allow you to embrace and experience your passions hands-on.


Food justice and agricultural sustainability are issues that will define this generation. Parter with the Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative as we cultivate faith leaders who will grow more resilient communities.

“To grow and share food with others in a garden is to enter a holy country. American spirituality is discovering itself anew as people of faith reconnect with the land. Many of those I’ve come to meet in this loosely woven movement view soil as a sacrament: a physical manifestation of God’s presence, a channel of Divine grace. They know soil is a portal that joins us to the world to come even while rooting us more deeply in this one.”

Fred Bahnson