Degree Concentration: Education

Already hold a teaching certificate? Qualify for North Carolina Master’s level certification.

With the Wake Forest University Department of Education, the School of Divinity offers a concentration within the MDiv degree designed to enable students who already hold teaching certificates to qualify for a North Carolina Master’s level certification.  The Master’s level certification is available in the licensure areas that the Department of Education offers (English, Math, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French and Spanish).  The Master of Divinity courses will count as the content area courses for the certification.

This concentration promotes an interdisciplinary conversation between religion and education that provides students interested in vocations both in religious and educational fields a pathway for developing skills and acquiring competencies necessary for achieving excellence in those vocations. This degree will provide a different vocational perspective not found in the single education or divinity degree programs.

  • Concentration Requirements

    Students who elect to pursue this concentration will be required to complete:

    • at least one School of Divinity religious education course, and

    the following 24 credit hours in the Department of Education:

    • EDU 721 (Educational Research) (3 credits)
    • EDU 707 (Educational Policy and Practice) (3 credits)
    • EDU 717 (Instructional Design, Assessment, and Technology) (3 credits)
    • EDU 781 (Methodology and Research) (3 credits)
    • EDU 715 (Action Research I) (3 credits)
    • EDU 716 (Professional Growth Seminar)  (3 credits)
    • EDU 758. (Educational Leadership )(2 credits)
    • EDU 730L. (Service Learning) (1 credit)
    • Elective – choose one:
      • EDU 733 (Supervision) (3 credits)
      • EDU 783 (Independent Study) (3 credits)

    Students will work with advisers from both programs to coordinate a plan of study that integrates the concentration with the Master of Divinity degree curriculum.