Graduate Assistant Positions for 2023-2024

Provide meaningful work for our community while earning money for your educational expenses

The School of Divinity Graduate Assistant positions for the 2023-24 academic year are listed below. These positions are primarily funded through the federal work-study program.* To see if you qualify for federal work-study, review your financial aid package in WIN.  The federal work-study funded Graduate Assistantships will pay $12 per hour for the 2023-24 academic year. Typically, you may earn up to $2,000 per year.

As you review the job descriptions, note which ones interest you and the application requirements. When ready to apply, complete the application and provide all necessary information and additional application attachments. Supervisors will contact you to set up an interview after the priority application deadline.

*You do not need to qualify for federal work-study to apply for the Graduate Assistant for Thriving Congregations positions.

The priority application deadline is April 12th, though applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Contact Khelen Kuzmovich at

  • Graduate Assistant, Vocational Formation Program (Dr. John Senior)

    Description: Vocational Formation Program Graduate Assistants are responsible for:

    • Working with the Director of the Art of Ministry program to plan and implement Pathways in Ministry sessions;
    • Maintaining employment postings for the School of Divinity webpage; 
    • Maintaining and revising Art of Ministry program materials; 
    • Working with the Director of the Art of Ministry program to complete a semi-annual internship audit; 
    • Completing research tasks as assigned. 

    Requirements: Ideal Candidates will: 

    • Possess excellent communication and data management skills;
    • Have familiarity with Google Suite;
    • Enjoy working collaboratively in a team environment;
    • Have effective community-building skills, particularly in connecting students with co-curricular learning opportunities;
    • Take initiative to work independently.
    Hours Per Week 10-12
    Number of Positions Available 1
  • Graduate Assistant, Worship Team (Supervisor: Joshuah Campbell)

    Description: Worship Team Graduate Assistants are responsible for: 

    • Partnering with teammate(s) to design, plan, and provide leadership for 2-3 worship services per semester in collaboration with the presenter for the service; 
    • inviting and coordinating students, facutly, and staff to provide leadership in worship, including offering music, reading scripture, etc.; 
    • setting up before and cleaning up after each service; 
    • serving as a member of the Worship Team and bringing a spirit of collaboration, openness, and creativity to the group. 

    Requirements: Worship Team Graduate Assistants must:

    • Attend Tuesday chapels and one weekly meeting (to be scheduled).

    Ideal Candidates will:

    • Show an interest in communal, pastoral, and liturgical care;
    • Be willing to grow and be formed in professional communication skills. 
    Hours Per Week 6-8+
    Number of Positions Available 5-7


  • Graduate Assistant, Admissions and Student Services (Supervisor: Anna Harris)

    Description: Admissions and Student Services Graduate Assistants will aid our office in supporting prospective and current students with responsibilities such as: 

    • Coordinating and implementing programmatic initiatives; 
    • Executing special projects of the Office of Admissions and Student Services;
    • Staffing the front desk of the office suite and routing calls and inquiries to the appropriate persons; 
    • Maintaining inventory of admissions and student services related material; 
    • Fostering a culture of hospitality for prospective and current students.

    Requirements: Admissions and Student Services Graduate Assistants must:

    • Possess a high level of professionalism and attention to detail;
    • Have a positive attitude and strong communication (written and oral) skills;
    • Be able to communicate effectively using various forms of communication such as phone, email, text, Zoom, etc.;
    • Maintain confidentiality of files, records, and/or data;
    • Proficiently operate a PC, use Microsoft Office products, and Google Suite. 

    Ideal candidates will: 

    • Be organized and enthusiastic about assisting prospective students through their discernment process of whether to apply to and/or attend WFU School of Divinity;
    • Be open to engaging with prospective students via phone, email, and Zoom while maintaining a casual but professional demeanor. 
    Hours Per Week 10
    Number of Positions Available 2
  • Graduate Assistant, Events and Programming (Supervisor: Anna Harris)

    Description: Events and Programming Graduate Assistants will assist in the operation and execution of events for the School of Divinity with responsibilities including: Brainstorming event concepts and details; 

    • Assisting with School of Divinity event setup, event decoration and event breakdown;
    • Greeting and hosting event guests (prospective students, current students, faculty, staff and community members); 
    • Leading campus tours on an as-needed basis; 
    • Supporting Admissions-related events such as Fall/Spring Open Houses, campus visits, Wake Divinity Scholars’ Days, and more. 

    Requirements: Events and Programming Graduate Assistants must: 

    • Possess a High level of professionalism and attention to detail; 
    • Have a positive attitude and welcoming demeanor;
    • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively; 
    • Be able to lift 50 lbs. 
    Hours Per Week Varies (1-15 hours per week depending on event schedule)
    Number of Positions Available 1


  • Graduate Assistant, Faith Coordinating Center (Supervisor: Dr. Allison Matthews)

    Description: Faith Coordinating Center Graduate Assistants will support the programs and activities of the Faith Coordinating Center, with responsibilities including: 

    • Blog writing and copy editing for newsletters and social media account management;
    • Administrative support for the HIV&Faith Ambassadors program and the Black Faith & HIV initiative; 
    • Event planning and implementation across the US South (support for travel will be provided as needed).  

    Requirements: Faith Coordinating Center Graduate Assistants must:

    • Maintain the skills necessary to complete the above tasks, including effective communication and proficiency in Google Suite and social media;
    • Be able to work independently and as part of a team and set one’s own hours.
    Hours Per Week 15-20
    Number of Positions Available 2


  • Graduate Production Assistant (Supervisor: Joshuah Brian Campbell)

    Description: This assistantship would be good practice for someone who wants to hone professional administrative and producing skills in various settings that center faith, the arts, and the moral imagination. Background in music and/or theatre (stage management, choir admin, etc.) very helpful but not needed. They will:

    • Assist and lead email exchanges and potentially phone calls with contacts, invited guests, artists, teams;
    • Coordinate logistics (space, catering, etc.) as liaison with Anna Harris;
    • Help monitor and coordinate logistics for choir rehearsals and other things related to the production of Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom in collaboration with Theatre and Dance (recording rehearsals, doodle schedule, etc.) (Fall 2023);
    • Help to imagine and implement programming related to faith and the arts series (Spring 2024);
    • Other duties as mutually agreed upon and assigned.

    Requirements: The Graduate Production Assistant must:

    • Attend rehearsals, which will likely be on Sunday evenings;
    • Be available for work on the show dates.

    Ideal Candidates would consider:

    • Being a part of the choir for the production of Turning 15.

    Hours Per Week 5-10
    Number of Positions Available 1

  • Graduate Research Assistant (Supervisor: Dr. Neal Walls)

    Description: This Graduate Research Assistant will be responsible for: 

    • Performing research on biblical studies topics; 
    • Organizing and maintaining logistics for travel course; 
    • Completing some administrative tasks. 

    Requirements: This Graduate Research Assistant must:

    • Be able to work independently on assigned tasks within their own set hours. 
    Hours Per Week 3-8
    Number of Positions Available 1
  • Graduate Assistant, Thriving Congregations (Supervisor: Natalie Aho)

    Description: The Thriving Congregations Graduate Assistants will provide support in expanding Wake Divinity’s Thriving Congregations Initiative (The Baptist Commons Project for Thriving Congregations: Forming Agents of Justice, Reconciliation, and Compassion). The Thriving Congregations program will support congregational leaders as they 1) clarify their mission and values as related to justice, reconciliation, and compassion; 2) create formation practices for the morals, ethics, and spirituality of their congregants and their surrounding community; 3) interrogate their historical role (or lack thereof) as justice-seekers in their region; 4) understand their theology, doctrine, and ecclesial practices; and 5) develop effective collaborative leadership styles to implement change and keep their mission and values before them. 

    Thriving Congregations Graduate Assistants are responsible for:

    • Working directly with focus groups and small cohorts to teach and test the curriculum for the program. The curriculum will help the laity participants learn historicism, denominational theology, ethics, collaborative leadership, and formation practices;
    • Potentially researching (case studies and/or interviews) congregations and parachurch organizations for their experiences related to the objectives of this program;
    • Potentially writing and presenting papers on the research learned;
    • Contributing to other team objectives which include creating potential workshops and/or symposiums, directly helping churches execute the objectives of the program, and facilitating feedback sessions.

    Requirements: Thriving Congregations Graduate Assistants must: 

    • Participate in Thriving Congregations Initiative planning meetings (typically one meeting 2-3 hours monthly; required availability weekdays between 9 am – 4 pm);
    • Set their own hours;
    • Meet 1:1 with the program director once a month and potentially participate in other zoom meetings with team;
    • Other hours include possible travel to congregations and on-campus institutes

    Ideal Candidates will have an interest in the intersections of at least one of the following:

    • justice, reconciliation, and compassion for congregations within their communities;
    • formation practices and ecclesial traditions; 
    • theology and religious identity; 
    • history and community collaboration; and/or
    • governance models and collaborative leadership within congregations. 
    Hours Per Week Varies (you will earn $1500 per semester)
    Number of Positions Available 11


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More about Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study at the School of Divinity provides part-time jobs for graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student’s course of study.

Here’s a quick overview of Federal Work-Study:

  • It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled in school.
  • It’s available to students with financial need (via completion of the FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • You’re paid by the hour.
  • When assigning work hours, your supervisor will consider your class schedule and your academic progress.