Learning to do and doing to learn ministry is no easy task, especially in a world with ever changing and always increasing need. The Wake Forest University School of Divinity curriculum reflects a commitment to the broader university’s motto Pro Humanitate meaning, “For Humanity.” The School of Divinity, through its curriculum, provides a rich and challenging academic experience that involves divinity students in learning both in and out of classrooms, thus challenging them to be academic practitioners committed to justice, reconciliation, and compassion as per the School of Divinity’s Mission.

As a theologically and academically informed learning community, the School of Divinity is committed to a curriculum that cultivates new voices in theological and ministerial conversations that have been around for all of known history. The curriculum also invites and encourages new ideas and pastoral practices.  The curricular goal is also a vocational goal—to educate ministers and practitioners who are theologically knowledgeable, pastorally skilled, and lovingly committed to all of humanity. To that end, the School of Divinity works to provide an extraordinary and memorable academic experience.

Degree and Joint Degree Programs