Lunch and Learn

Connect with Faculty Beyond the Classroom

The Lunch & Learn Program  provides students with the opportunity to dine on campus with a faculty member once a semester. This program is an extension of the learning experience designed to nurture relationship management, networking and interpersonal skills that are essential in the development of religious leaders and professionals.  The School of Divinity will cover the cost of each meal at $20 per person. 

Get Ready to Lunch and Learn

To participate in the Lunch and Learn Program, complete the following steps:

  1. Invite a faculty member to join you for a meal at any on-campus dining location. A list of dining locations can be found here.
  2. Complete the official  Lunch and Learn PCard Request Form.
  3. You will receive an email from the Office of Dean with PCard availability and pickup instructions.
  4. Pick up the PCard and sign the Lunch & Learn Student Agreement form in Suite the day of your meal from the Office of the Dean (109).
  5. The PCard is to be used to purchase the meal and is not to exceed $40 total and/or $20 per person.
  6. Return the PCard along with a detailed receipt the same day to the Office of the Dean (109).


For questions regarding the Lunch & Learn Program, contact Brittani Hunt, Director of Student Services at