The Art of Ministry Covenant of Shared Wisdom


Internship mentor-supervisors should complete this Covenant of Shared Wisdom, , the formal commitment to work with a School of Divinity student towards the completion of a 300-hour ministry internship placement.  Once submitted, the student intern and the Director of the Art of Ministry program will indicate their agreement via email and the student will be registered for the internship requirement and Internship Reflection Seminar.

The Covenant of Shared Wisdom for summer and academic year internship placements must be completed by April 30th. 

Note: A text copy of the covenant you’ll complete below is available to download for your records.

I. Internship Setting Application

If your ministry context has not previously participated in the Art of Ministry program, please complete the Internship Setting Applicationhere. If your ministry context has participated in the internship program previously, please skip to the next section.


II. Ministry Setting, Supervisor, and Contact Information


Supervisor/Mentor Name:(Required)

How many years has the internship mentor worked in a professional capacity in the field that is the context of the proposed internship placement? Please also indicate full-time and part-time professional work.

Student Intern's Name:(Required)
Please note that only one student intern will ordinarily be assigned to a ministry setting each year.

III. Internship Program Requirements(Required)
The primary requirements of the internship program are as follows:

(1) Grant the student identity as a ministering person and allow her/him to explore a broad range of ministerial experiences under the School of Divinity’s guidance, for a minimum of 300 hours (20-40 hours per week in the summer internship format or ca. 8-10 hours per week in the academic year format);

(2) Develop and use a Learning Plan to establish clear goals for the student, the mentor, and the setting;

(3) Participate in weekly one hour mentoring dialogues with the student and provide fair and constructive mid-term and final year evaluations;

(4) For new site mentors, meet individually with the Director of the Art of Ministry before the beginning of the summer or fall semester to determine interest in and suitability for an internship placement;

(5) For new site mentors, complete an asynchronous online mentor training program or an in-person training event. Veteran mentors will be asked to complete the training every four years.

(6) Comply with the legal requirements set out in the Learning Covenant.

(7) Provide a stipend of $4500 for 300 hours of internship service over the course of a summer or academic year internship placement. Students may choose to waive this requirement in consultation with the Director of the Art of Ministry Program and the internship setting mentor-supervisor.

(8) Comply with the legal requirements set out in this covenant.

IV. Legal Covenants(Required)

– The organization named in the attached covenant will provide the program described in the covenant in return for Wake Forest University’s permitting students to participate in the organization’s activities.

– The program provided for the students will in all respects treat the students as the Organization’s own and not as agents of or acting on behalf of Wake Forest University. The named organization will comply with all laws and regulations relating to the activities of the students participating in the program. It will ensure that the students are covered by motor vehicle insurance and any other applicable insurance programs. The Organization will indemnify and hold Wake Forest University harmless from any liability or claim, including defense costs, relating to activities of the students undertaken in connection with programs of the named organization.

V. Mentor Training

As a new internship setting mentor-supervisor, I agree to complete an asynchronous online mentor training program or participate in an in-person training event. Veteran mentors will be asked to complete the training every four years. In-person training events are ordinarily offered in May and August. The Director of the Art of Ministry will be in touch with you about exact training dates for the current year.

This covenant seals our commitment to engaging in this internship through the summer or academic year (fall and spring semesters). We will make every effort to resolve any conflicts that might arise in relation to the internship. The Art of Ministry Program reserves the right to determine, in dialogue with the student and the mentor, when circumstances require a change in this covenant.

We agree to work with the Wake Forest University School of Divinity in the theological education of the student intern named above by providing opportunities for reflective ministry leadership in our ministry setting during the academic year selected above, according to the arrangements described above.

By typing their name below, the internship supervisor/mentor indicates the ministry setting’s willingness to serve as an internship placement according to the policies and requirements described above and to provide opportunities for ministry leadership training described in part III above.

Once the supervisor/mentor has completed and submitted this form electronically, the student intern and the Director of the Art of Ministry Program will indicate their agreement via email.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.