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Student Organizations

Each student at the School of Divinity brings her or his own interests and lived experiences to the school. The student organizations below reflect the diversity of student needs and interests. 

To read more about student life and student services at the School of Divinity, please review the information included in the 2014-2015 Bulletin.


Student Government

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) of the School of Divinity is the constituted student governing body. The SLC gives voice to student concerns in the School of Divinity and in the broader University. Elected by the student body, representatives of the SLC coordinate special events, sponsor various organizations, and appoint students to the School of Divinity’s standing committees. The Student Government elects officers in the Spring of each academic year. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is the established liaison between faculty and students and has established a number of sub-committees to serve our School of Divinity community.

SLC Purposes:

  • To present itself as a community of faith, under the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in witness and in fellowship.
  • To provide students with programs, activities and services.
  • To represent the Student Association before School of Divinity’s administration.
  • To collect and raise money to help accomplish these purposes.

2014-2015 SLC Representatives

President Ashton Murray
Vice President Chelsea Yarborough
Secretary Lindsey Altvater
Treasurer Kenneth Pettigrew
Third Year Representative John-Mark Brown
Second Year Representative Daniel Potter
First Year Representative TBD

SLC Sub-Committees

Pastoral Care
The Pastoral Care Committee offers programs that are a foundation for student self care. Self care is essential for each student’s physical and emotional well being, ensuring success at the graduate level of education.

Academic Affairs
The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) works as a liaison between the student body, faculty, and administration regarding academic concerns. This work includes, but is not limited to making recommendations about curriculum, academic requirements, class and schedule changes, library issues, and obtaining resources needed to enhance learning. AAC also provides co-curricular workshops on subjects such as: PhD Forums, Chaplaincy, Children’s Ministry, Racial Reconciliation, and other workshops as desired by the student body.

The Outreach Committee is involved in developing and implementing various service projects throughout the school year.  These projects seek to tangibly invoke a spirit of ministry to the less fortunate of the larger Winston-Salem community.

The Merchandise Committee is involved in the creation, execution, and retailing of School of Divinity merchandise to our community.  Because the WFU Bookstore does not offer School of Divinity-specific merchandise, our committee helps to stylishly celebrate all things divine.


Akoni is a student organization of Wake Forest University School of Divinity dedicated to providing a platform for students of African ancestry and all registered students, faculty, and staff to explore theological education focused on the black religious experience, the Black Church as an expression of black religion, and the social, religious and political needs and concerns of the students and the black community. 



The Beatitudes Society

The Beatitudes Society develops and sustains a national network of emerging Christian leaders who advocate for justice, compassion, and peace, reclaim a Christianity that welcomes all people, and articulate a Christianity that dares to speak and act for our fragile planet and our most vulnerable citizens.  The Beatitudes Society Chapter at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity is a community of students and faculty who gather for support, action, reflection, and prayer.  We offer a biweekly gathering at a student’s home for a simple meal and lectio divina.  We also provide other resources and opportunities for engagement such as small group studies on articulating a progressive Christian ethic, faith and film discussions, and events focused on advocating for or engaging in social justice.  This campus chapter seeks to cultivate community at the intersection of contemplation and social justice.


EcoTHEO is a student organization that is a part of the Green Seminary Initiative at the Wake Forest School of Divinity. At EcoTheo, our shared vision is to create and foster conversation revolving around the care of creation—through service based initiatives, experiential education, and a gentleness towards all that is living. We seek to connect people with resources and collaborative opportunities in our pursuits of caring of creation. Their website can be viewed here.




Mission Statement:

The primary goal of Kaleidoscope is to serve as a safe and welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and allied students, faculty, and staff from all cultural, socio-economic, ethnic, and ecumenical backgrounds.

Additionally, we seek to provide opportunities for all divinity school students, faculty, and staff to ask questions and dialogue with mutual respect so as to promote understanding of and engagement with LGBTQ matters.

Kaleidoscope is a voice for the full and equal participation of LGBTQ people in all areas of our shared academic, social, and faith life.

Lastly, Kaleidoscope serves as an educational resource to all divinity school students, faculty, and staff, promoting awareness of the challenges faced by LGBTQ people of faith, affirming theological and biblical perspectives.

Membership is open to all Wake Forest Divinity School students, faculty, and staff who are committed to Kaleidoscope’s collective goals.



A group of students that seeks to share the experience of God through artistic expression.  The group desires to nurture and facilitate spiritual growth and expression through various artistic media. Mosaic exists to promote the use of the arts in the worship, service, contemplative, and communal life of the Divinity School, as well as the larger university and Winston-Salem community. The group is open to all, not only the artistically inclined. 

Mosaic's Chalk Mural Project

Mosaic Student Art Display

Physical Wellness Club

The School of Divinity values whole body wellness. The Physical Wellness Club seeks to create a fun and positive means for students, faculty, and staff to be active, stay healthy, and build community. This organization offers events throughout the school year and furthers the already developed interest and participation in Wake Forest University Intramural Sports. Some of our opportunities include Flag Football, Soccer, Tennis, and Dodgeball Intramural teams, weekly yoga sessions, Zumba with the Deans, March Madness Bracket Challenge, and various study breaks during finals week. 

The Tablet

The Tablet is a student ran, bi-weekly publication of the School of Divinity and serves as an informative, community-building vehicle. The Tablet contains news regarding upcoming activities, vocational news, campus events, financial aid and classified ads. Sr. Editor: Brandon Hubbard-Hetiz

The Tablet is available online.

Women's Work

Women’s Work is a fellowship of women who are passionate about womanhood, specifically in the ministry. It is a sacred space for women to share experiences as well as an opportunity for women to safely explore the power of their own voice. The group invites distinguished faculty and community leaders to lead discussions around topics that help the women of the divinity school grow into ministerial identities. Women’s Work welcomes the divinity school community of men to join in and hear the voices of these distinguished women throughout the semester.