COMPASS Initiative Faith Coordinating Center

Faith Coordinating Center

The COMPASS Initiative® Faith Coordinating Center focuses on preparing ministry and nonprofit leaders to address the needs of vulnerable populations such as rural communities in Appalachia, African Americans and LGBTQ individuals. These groups, particularly in the South, often experience a higher number of cases of HIV/AIDS with access to fewer support and prevention resources. 

Faith Coordinating Center: Virtual Training Series

July 8, 2021 – April 26, 2022

We hope you will join us for our virtual training series hosted by the Gilead COMPASS Initiative Faith Coordinating Center at Wake Forest University School of Divinity. This year’s theme is Sexuality, Healing, and the Black Church.

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Faith Capacity Building Grant Awardees

Interfaith Youth Core
Vision Community Foundation
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi

Note: Recipients of the Faith Capacity Building grants are not eligible to receive a transformative grant in the same grant cycle.

Transformative Grant Awardees

AME Publishing House
Christian Theological Seminary
Metropolitan Charities
North Carolina Council of Churches
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

Faith Action and Congregational Grant Awardees

Compassionate Atlanta
Fayetteville Area Health Education Foundation
Foundations for Living
Lenoir County Circle of Friends
Reaching All HIV+ Muslim Americans
Relationship Unleashed
The Afiya Center
TheoLab Media
Trinity AME Church

Over 400,000 with HIV in South

“Applying a theological understanding to the role of the church in transforming how communities approach HIV/AIDS is critical to our work. We have a unique opportunity to engage faith communities in answering the call to serve and love beyond the stigmas of the past.” Dr. Shonda Jones

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