Nonprofit Leadership Alumni Stories

Elizabeth Kilby

Elizabeth Kilby

Elizabeth Kilby, Young Adult Minister at First Baptist Church Statesville

“This program opens your eyes to conversations and contemplation about your life and work that you never thought possible. This program challenges you to think differently and deeper about your personal work and your vision for your business as well. The connections and the stretching of my imagination that was formed in this program contributed greatly to who I am today.”


Sonya Nicole Wagstaff

Sonya Nicole Wagstaff

Sonya Nicole Wagstaff, Founder and President
at Kid Fit For Life, Inc.

“This program is the muscle to your idea, the catalyst to your creativity, and fuel to your ministry, If you truly have a heart for providing the answer to a problem or aligning a project to your purpose then this program will give you the education, tools, and insight needed to propel your ideas into fruition. You don’t need an MBA, you simply need a Faith-Based Nonprofit Leadership Certificate from the School of Divinity at Wake Forest University.”

Previous Participant Organizations

  • Thirst Missions
  • Ministries of aides International, Inc. (MAII)
  • UrbanPromise Charlotte
  • RISE America
  • Mentor Greenville
  • United Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church
  • New Christian Food Pantry
  • Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Shiloh Baptist Church
  • Campbell University
  • Women of Promise Ministry
  • First Calvary Church Winston-Salem
  • Advent Christian General Conference
  • Radiant Spring Group
  • TOTAL Ministries of Spartanburg County
  • B.U.S Ministry
  • Annie’s Hope Center for Growing and Healing
  • Moravian Music Foundation
  • Ministries Beyond Welcome
  • Iglesia Luz De Jesucristo
  • Purpose One:27

Previous Participant Responses

We are committed to creating an enriching experience for participants. We ask each cohort to provide feedback through an anonymous survey that evaluates the program. Here are a few of their responses.


“Everything offered is applicable in some way. I gained a lot of new perspective from reading the Nouwen text on fundraising and vision. I immediately began to use the language offered by Nouwen to engage by board and church body.”

“Due to my sudden advancement at my company –I found the financial modules (8-11) to be the most engaging and educational. From creating my elevator speech to better understand what I need to do as a director for my board, I appreciated the insight from local nonprofit professionals.”

“The Board Development, particularly, do’s and don’ts with regards how to choose board members and expectations was extremely helpful. Also, the organizational, communications pieces were very helpful, as to how to effectively prepare, now to establish and maintain profitable relationships.”

“The course has increased my knowledge and augmented my thinking and considerations for the areas of community capacity building, board of directors understanding and recruitment, stewardship, and staying current and viable.”

“In addition to the readings, I really appreciate the theological framework used to keep God in the picture along with the communities we are seeking to strengthen.”

“The guest speakers, on the whole, did a great job and it was really helpful to learn from practitioners who were able to share real world experience, not just concepts and theory. The fundraising session was very well done.”