Leadership Development

Practical ministry studies that develop pastoral habits and dispositions.

Our Art of Ministry program attends to three related sources of ministry wisdom: ministerial identity, ministry practice, and theological reflection. Our ministry studies program has a flexible approach allowing students to prepare for a wide variety of vocations through a selection of interdisciplinary electives in Proclamation, Relational Care, Community Building, and Formation, rather than requiring introductory courses. In 2016-2017, student internship placements are 53% in congregations, 33% in nonprofits/social justice ministries, and 14% in chaplaincy.

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Vocational Discernment and Career Services

We take the long-view perspective, helping our students from the time they arrive on campus to find their academic and vocational passions and prepare them for lives of meaning and purpose. The Office of Leadership Development provides resources, career counseling, job listings, workshops, career assessment tools, resume-building, and other services to help students discern their call and prepare for their vocation. 94% of the Class of 2016 were employed or seeking additional education within six months of graduation (2015: 86%, 2014: 92%).

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Job Listings

Looking for an employment opportunity? Have a job opening? The School of Divinity has been very successful in helping congregations, nonprofits, and other ministry settings gain exposure while aiding in search committees being matched with qualified and capable candidates to serve in vacant positions.

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Vocational Pathway Resources

There are many pathways into religious leadership: congregational ministry, non-profit ministry, chaplaincy, social justice advocacy, vocations that engage science and religion, race and religion, peace-building, food, health, and ecology, and many others. The School of Divinity’s Office of Leadership Development is working to develop preparation guides of what to consider, ask, and be aware of as you prepare for a particular vocational pathway.

The following Vocational Pathway Resources are available: