Confronting Islamophobia

Confronting Islamophobia

July 7 – August 11 | Online | 3 Credit Hours

This course will provide an introduction to the principle beliefs and institutions of Islam. You will consider how developing a deeper knowledge of Islam can help to dismantle the false assumptions and hateful rhetoric of Islamophobia while also examining the political and financial motivations for its spread.

Goals for Student Learning

  • Describe, explain and illustrate key points of Muslim belief
  • Analyze, contextualize, and critique anti-Muslim rhetoric
  • Describe and evaluate the relationship between Islam, Muslims, and American culture with a special emphasis on the contributions of Black Muslims from before the founding of the United States to present day
  • Synthesize chronologically and theologically disparate material within the Muslim tradition to create resources for anti-bias education

Cost of Attendance:

  • $1,290

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Meet Your Instructor:

Headshot of School of Divinity part-time assistant teaching professor Joshua Canzona

Joshua Canzona

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Part-Time Assistant Teaching Professor of Theology

“One of the great joys of human life is in our capacity to love and learn from one another across difference. In this course, we will discuss how a knowledge of Islam can inform any worldview concerned with justice. We will also consider how the call to justice must be answered by dismantling the hateful rhetoric and racism of Islamophobia.”