The Collaborative for Public Religious Leadership

Our Mission

The Collaboritive for Public Religious Leadership

Through innovative non-degree programming, The Collaborative for Public Religious Leadership will prepare agents of justice, reconciliation, and compassion ready to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing religious landscape.

Our Vision

The Collaborative will model the re-shaping of theological education through the creative exploration of emerging wisdom about the life and work of ministry.

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Practitioner Perspectives

How does a renewed attunement to ecology and to food justice movements reframe ministry leadership? How can religious leaders help others join in God’s restorative work in the world?

“Leading an exploration of these questions I shared about the work of founding a church literally as, and in, an urban garden in the streets of Los Angeles and how the liturgy—“the work of the people”—held and leads to communal transformation as people are not only reconnecting to the earth and their food, but also to each other and to God. My story wove in with the stories of students as they explored what ministry and church could mean for them, stories of the seminary and the way it’s engaging with the world, and the stories of God working in and amongst the world.”

Rev. Anna Woofenden
Founding Pastor, Garden Church in San Pedro, CA
Practitioner-in-Residence, Spring 2018

How can religious leaders use contemplative practices to shape endeavors for greater compassion, equanimity, courage, presence, and peace?

“The combination of engaged, curious, intelligent students, inspiring colleagues, and the utter beauty of the Wake Forest campus made my all-too-brief encounter deeply fulfilling. The students participated enthusiastically in the workshops and retreats I facilitated, which explored the intersections between spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience.”

Harry Pickens
Author, Life Transformation Coach, and World-Renowned Jazz Pianist
Practitioner-in-Residence, Spring 2018

For more information:

Dr. John Senior
Director of the Collaborative for Public Religious Leadership
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Leadership
Director of the Art of Ministry Program  | 336.758.5121 option 7

Rev. Demi McCoy
Assistant Director of Public Religious Leadership and Community Engagement  |  336.758.5121 option 7