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Wake the Pulpit seeks to provide opportunities for students from various Christian traditions to gain preaching experience while assisting congregations who need a pulpit supply preacher and/or a transitional or temporary pastoral appointment or have limited funds to appropriately compensate a full-time minister.

Wake the Pulpit intends to partner with churches to provide student ministers from Wake Forest University School of Divinity who are interested in congregational ministry.  Partner churches can hear a word and the students can gain experience outside of their normal internship or church setting.


We believe that students enter into Wake Forest University School of Divinity to gain knowledge that will help them to change the world. In doing this, the School of Divinity has set up internship placements for the students in which they can choose where they would like to serve and who they would like to work with in different capacities from non-profit work to congregational settings. While all students do not immediately indicate a desire to serve in congregational ministry, students are equipped to preach and proclaim the gospel.

All students are required to serve in internships.  However, some internship opportunities may not provide ample opportunities for students to gain practical experience preaching regularly.  At the same time, we recognize the need many churches have to supply their pulpits with talented and gifted preachers in the summer and periodically throughout the year.

Recognizing that there are churches throughout North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee, who are without pastors or are in need of temporary preachers, we want to connect our students with these congregations.  The void that may be left for the student and the church can be filled by the help that they provide for one another through Wake the Pulpit.


Churches or individuals may request that a student preach or fill a pulpit supply by contacting the student directly via email.  You are encouraged to review the full list of preachers below.  Typically, students should be given at least two weeks notice or more.  Congregations should plan to compensate students for their time to prepare, preach, and transportation (gas or mileage, if applicable).  


For more information on Wake the Pulpit or other ways the School of Divinity might partner with your congregation, please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at 336.758.3748 or divinity@wfu.edu.

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