Admitted Student Checklist

Congratulations on your admission!

What’s next? As you prepare to enroll, use the checklist below to ensure that you fully onboard as a Wake Div student!

Before You Pre-Register for Courses


Pay Your Deposit

Confirm your admission and intention to enroll by submitting the $150 admissions deposit by the date indicated in your scholarship offer letter. You can pay your admissions deposit using the enrollment deposit link on your application status page.

Fall Admission: by date on scholarship offer Spring Admission: by date on scholarship offer

Claim Your DeacNet Account

After your deposit has been received, you will receive an email notification to the email address provided on your admissions application with instructions on claiming your DeacNet Account online. Please follow all instructions and complete each step required in order to setup your WFU username and password. Please make note of the your username, password, and other pertinent information before completing the account claim process. Your Deacnet username and password is your gateway to all campus electronic resources like your WFU Google Mail, WIN (Wake Information Network), DEAC (Deacon Electronic Account Center), Research Databases through the ZSR Library, etc. If you encounter any problems with your Wake Forest username and password, please contact The Bridge (Information Systems Support Desk) at 336.758.4357.

Complete a Criminal Background Check

To provide a safe and healthy educational environment for all individuals, all entering students are required to complete a criminal background check. The purpose of a criminal background check is to identify incidents of sexual misconduct and abusive or inappropriate behavior which may impact safe and healthy interactions with various constituencies. Note: no charges or past offenses will necessarily disqualify an applicant. Detailed instructions are available hereThis is only required of U.S. citizens.

Order your background check.

Fall Admission: by July 15 Spring Admission: by January 7

Complete Your Financial Aid Requirements

Review Your Package

You will receive a hard copy letter in the mail outlining the details of your financial aid package, including institutional scholarships and any federal aid you are eligible for (loans and/or work-study). After you have claimed your DeacNet account, review your institutional, federal, and outside aid under the Virtual Campus section of the Wake Information Network (WIN). You will receive an email to your Wake Forest email account with detailed instructions on how to view and accept your aid.

Access WIN.

Complete the FAFSA and a Master Promissory Note

If you have not already done so, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) immediately. This will ensure that any federal aid you are eligible for is made available for you. The School of Divinity’s school code for the FAFSA is E00429.

FAFSA Portal

If you plan on borrowing through the Federal Stafford loan program, you may complete the federal entrance counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the loan at any time.

Complete Your MPN

Complete the Student Health Service History and Immunization Form

North Carolina State law (G.S. 130A-152) requires documentation of certain immunizations for students attending a North Carolina college or university.  Student must submit certification of these immunizations. The completed form and required documentation can be sent to: Wake Forest University Student Health Services, P.O. Box 7386, Winston-Salem, NC 27109.

Access Student Health Forms.

Fall Admission: by July 15 Spring Admission: by January 7

Within a few weeks log on to the student health portal at by clicking the Student Health Portal link in the left hand menu (access using your DeacNet username and password). You will then be able to check your compliance or to see what it is that you are missing.

Submit Your Provisional Documents

If you were admitted on a provisional basis you will need to submit the required document – like an official, final transcript showing the conferral of your degree. Details of what is need is outlined on your application status page checklist and in your admissions letter received in the mail.

Fall Admission: by August 1 Spring Admission: by January 7

Complete the Plagiarism Quiz and Review Honor Code

Plagiarism Quiz

This is designed to challenge your understanding of plagiarism and the ethical use of sources in academic writing. After you complete the quiz, your results must be shared using the “Share Your Results” dialogue box with the Office of Academic Affairs, by email:

Take the plagiarism quiz.

Honor Code

All students are required to read the acknowledge the Graduate Student Academic Honor Code. After reviewing the Honor Code, please print, sign, scan (or take a photo), and submit the completed acknowledged form to

Review the Honor Code.

Sign Honor Code Acknowledgement Form

Fall Admission: by July 15 Spring Admission: by January 7

Registering for Courses

As an entering student, you will regist be provided with a registration guide outlining all essential information related to registering for your first semester courses: including step-by-step instructions, and a sample course schedule and course descriptions.

View Fall 2018 Sample Course Schedule

Fall 2019 available soon!

Fall Admission: TBA Spring Admission: early January 2020

Once you arrive for Orientation, you will meet with your adviser to discuss your semester schedule and make any last-minute adjustments.

View course listings and degree requirements.

  • First-year students cannot enroll in Ministry of Pastoral Care or Homiletics.
  • Students interested in the Religious Leadership in Food, Health, and Ecology concentrations are encouraged to enroll in the required gateway course.

Before Classes Begin


Request Your Student ID (Deacon OneCard)

The Deacon OneCard is the official Wake Forest University identification card used by all faculty, staff and students. The Deacon OneCard has many functions, including identification, library privileges, Deacon OneCard account access, card access and event admission on campus. To receive your ID card during New Student Orientation, you must upload your photo using the online portal.

Upload Your Photo.

Fall Admission: preferred by August 1 Spring Admission: by January 7

Waive Required Student Health Insurance and Wellness Fees

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is required as a condition of enrollment for degree-seeking domestic graduate students at the School of Divinity and all international students with F or J visas (full information regarding eligibility can be found using the link below). Students who demonstrate coverage that meets the criteria may waive the insurance provided by WFU. Information on the waiver process can be found on the Enrollment/Waivers page. If you do not complete a waiver, you will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the Wake Forest University Student Insurance Program.

Enroll and or Request an Insurance Waiver.

Fall Admission: by August 1 Spring Admission: by January 7
Wellness Fee

This wellness fee grants access to campus wellness, recreation, and fitness facilities, equipment, and programs. Each semester’s charge ($174) will support the overall operation of the state-of-the-art wellbeing center facilities. Graduate students may opt out to have the fee waived online through the Wake Information Network (WIN).To waive, login to WIN > Personal > Wellness Waiver. Once the waiver is complete, it cannot be reversed. The waiver is good for fall semester only. The Wellness Center Fee will be credited to the student account in 2-5 business days. Graduate students who elect to opt out of the wellness fee will not have access to campus wellness, recreation and fitness facilities, equipment and related programs, such as intramurals and club sports. If you opt out and change your mind at a later date, you can obtain a membership fee on a month-to-month basis at a fee of $30/month.

Access WIN.

Fall Admission: June 1 – August 13 Spring Admission: November 1 – January 15

Your Student Financial Account: Billing, Payment Plan, and Refunds


Student Financial Services uses DEAC (Deacon Electronic Account Center) as an electronic billing system that allows students and authorized payers to view student financial account activity in real-time, 24/7. Payments can be made via e-check through an Authorized Clearinghouse (ACH). You can access your DEAC accounts by logging into the Wake Information Network (WIN) and clicking on Online Bills. Information about how to read your bill can be found here.

Access DEAC.

Payment Plans

Wake Forest University offers students the opportunity to participate in an interest-free, monthly payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management. It is not a loan and no credit check is required. Click below for more information on how to enroll and how the payment plan works.

Payment Plan Information.


Adjustments to charges, prepayments, financial aid disbursements and overpayments often result in credit balances on student accounts. A credit balance is indicated on the student account by parentheses ( ) surrounding the balance of your account in DEAC. Student account refunds are now available via direct deposit. For complete details on the refund process, please review the information on the Student Financial Services website.

How to Setup Automatic Refunds.

Update Your Contact Details, Sign a Photo Release, and Provide Your Emergency Contact Information

Provide your current address, who to contact in the event of an emergency, and sign a photo release.

Complete the Form now.

Find Housing and Connect with a Potential Roommate

We would like to help you in your efforts in finding affordable housing and roommates. While we cannot provide a roommate or housing matching service, we would like to provide you a forum through which you can match yourselves to your peers. Once you complete the form below, more information will be emailed to you about accessing a private webpage with the information of others looking for roommates.

Roommate and Housing Search Form

The Office of Admissions and Student Services has also put together a quick resource listing information about apartment complexes current students suggest for housing, several of which are located on the University’s shuttle lines.

Housing Resources and Guide

Connect with the Learning Assistance Center (if necessary)

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) provides study skills training and counseling.  Students can learn to read critically, take notes effectively, manage their time, improve their motivation, increase their reading speed, and prepare for tests.

Assistance is provided through counseling and individual and group tutoring.

Students with a wide range of learning and other documented disabilities may also receive academic support, training, and advocacy through the Learning Assistance Center.

Register for Parking and Shuttle Information


Any student who wishes to park a vehicle on a university parking lot at any time of day or night – including after 4:00 p.m. weekdays, on weekends, during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. weekdays, and during break – must register that vehicle with Transportation and Parking Services. Detailed information will be emailed to you 3-4 weeks prior to the start of classes with pricing, permit types available, and how to register.

2018-2019 Commuter Parking Options include:

  • On-Campus ($525) – limited availability sold on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Off-Campus ($75 – $315) – First Assembly Church of God, designated area of Reynolda Village, University Corporate Center Satellite Lot

Any student who wishes to park a vehicle on a university parking lot at any time of day or night– including after 4:00 p.m. weekdays, on weekends, during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. weekdays, and during breaks – must register that vehicle with the Parking and Transportation office. Vehicle Registration for commuting students will begin Wednesday, August 8 at 10:00 a.m.

Important Information on Registering for Student Parking

Admitted for the Spring? Please contact the Transportation and Parking Office regarding permit eligibility: 336.758.7275,


Ride the Wake is a system of complimentary shuttles available to the Wake Forest University community. Find schedules, get questions answered, and learn more about Ride the Wake and how it can help your travels to and from campus. You can also download the TransLoc Rider app, which offers real-time tracking of all shuttles and their expected arrival times at stops.

In addition, the app offers enhanced Safe Ride/OnCall service.  Instead of calling for such service, a rider can arrange to be picked up through the app.  Safe Ride/OnCall service is available every day from 5:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. The Safe Ride/OnCall app can also be accessed from the University’s LiveSafe app.

Find a Place to Worship

Finding a faith community to join during your journey at the School of Divinity is important, not only for support, but for spiritual growth and community involvement. To help you find a church, we’ve put together a Worship Opportunities Resource Guide with local churches suggested by current students.

Worship Opportunities Guide

Complete the Entering Student Questionnaire (ESQ)

As you prepare for Orientation, we will ask that you take a brief, yet important survey about your motivations for entering seminary at Wake Forest and your vocational aspirations called the Entering Student Questionnaire (ESQ). This survey is only administered in the fall of each year (i.e., if you were admitted in the Spring semester, you will be asked to complete the ESQ the following fall).

This is an important survey about your motivations for entering seminary at Wake Div and your vocational aspirations. It is administered by ATS, the Association for Theological Schools, our accrediting body. Please put your name on the first page and note that most students average between 85-95% completion rate (due to dynamic based questions that populate based on specific responses to certain questions). You should receive a successful submission screen upon closing out the survey.

The ESQ has closed. Admitted for Spring 2019? You’ll be asked to complete this survey in the fall of 2019.


Attend New Student Orientation

Orientation is required of all new School of Divinity students. You’ll receive helpful introductions to the MDiv program, as well as to the communities of Wake Div, Wake Forest University, and Winston-Salem.

Fall 2019: Tuesday – Thursday, August 20 – 22, 2019
Spring 2019: Friday, January 11, 2019

International Students

All international students with F or J visas will need to meet several additional requirements prior to enrolling at the School of Divinity, including applying for a student visa and completing a certificate of finances.

Wake Forest Center for Global Programs and Studies