Degree Concentration : Interfaith
Literacy & Leadership

A religiously pluralistic society needs leaders committed to respectful and collaborative engagement with diverse faith traditions.

This concentration will provide students with opportunities for focused study of a non-Christian religious or spiritual tradition and the development of the necessary leadership skills for fostering interfaith understanding and cooperation.


The concentration requires 12 credit hours and a practical project approved by the concentration adviser. Students will usually complete the following progression :

  • REL 695 Exploring Interfaith Practice and Leadership (3h) | Offered in Fall 2022
  • Choose 6 hours of coursework engaging with the same non-Christian religious tradition
  • Choose 3 hours of additional coursework: 
    • Engaging with a different, non-Christian religious tradition -or-
    • Engaging interfaith leadership, dialogue, or the comparative study of religious traditions
  • Leadership Practice: an internship emphasizing interfaith literacy and leadership or similar practical project as deemed appropriate by the concentration adviser.