Faith Coordinating Center awards grant funding valued at $1,000,000

The new Gilead COMPASS Initiative Faith Coordinating Center at Wake Forest University School of Divinity awarded 17 organizations with grant funding to address the HIV crisis in the South. The recipients are rooted in over 10 different states and the majority are led by Black, Indigenous, people of color. 

“We are excited about working with this strong group of diverse, well-respected organizations across the South. We believe each of them are well-suited to advance our mission of troubling the narratives about the intersection of HIV and faith. We aim to shift the culture to be more inclusive and loving of all people, regardless of their race/ethnicity, gender or sexuality.” Allison Mathews, executive director of the Gilead COMPASS Faith Coordinating Center

The grant awards range from $10,000 to $200,000 for a one-year grant cycle beginning in July of2021. Organizations were invited to apply for these grants earlier this spring and given an option of four different tiers: Faith Capacity Building, Transformative, Faith Action, and Congregational. 

This year’s Faith Capacity Building grant, the largest funding opportunity of up to $250,000, has been awarded to Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, Illinois; Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi in Clinton, MS; and Vision Community Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. Interfaith Youth Core will be engaging college campuses, primarily Historically Black Colleges & Universities, through micro-grants aimed at developing curricular and co-curricular programs on the HIV/AIDS crisis in the South. Vision Community Foundation will be using the award to launch an HIV-public health capacity building faith-leader training program. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi will conduct asset mapping with faith communities in Mississippi and build strategic partnerships to advance anti-stigma work.

Five organizations received a Transformative grant for $100,000. This grant focuses on collaboration with Christian and interfaith partners in order to impact how these communities respond to HIV/AIDS in the future. Recipients of the grant for this year include Metropolitan Charities, North Carolina Council of Churches, AME Publishing House, the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, and Christian Theological Seminary. 

Other organizations received Faith Action or Congregational grants with awards of up to $25,000. These grants fund projects centered around faith to help reduce stigma, engage in spiritually integrated trauma-informed care, and aid in changing the perception of HIV/AIDs in the south. 

All grant recipients will participate in the Faith Coordinating Center’s Virtual Training Series which takes place over the course of 10 months beginning in July. The center will also be integral to fostering strategic partnerships between grantees and regional and national partners as they embark on their projects. 

2021 Grant Award Recipients

Faith Capacity Building Grant Awardees

Faith Capacity Building Grant Awardees
Interfaith Youth Core
Vision Community Foundation
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi

Transformative Grant Awardees

AME Publishing House
Christian Theological Seminary
Metropolitan Charities
North Carolina Council of Churches
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

Faith Action and Congregational Grant Awardees

Compassionate Atlanta
Fayetteville Area Health Education Foundation
Foundations for Living
Lenoir County Circle of Friends
Reaching All HIV+ Muslim Americans
Relationship Unleashed
The Afiya Center
TheoLab Media
Trinity AME Church

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