Grant received from Kalliopeia Foundation for food & faith initiative

The Wake Forest University School of Divinity has received a grant of $35,000 awarded by Kalliopeia Foundation to support the Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative.

In its second year, the Initiative’s mission is to “equip religious leaders with the knowledge, skills, and pastoral habits necessary to guide congregations and other faith-based organizations into creating more redemptive food systems, where God’s shalom becomes visible for a hungry world.”

The grant will enable the Initiative to expand its continuing education and community outreach programs. Fred Bahnson, director of the Initiative, is planning a series of conferences and workshops for the upcoming academic year, both in Winston-Salem and western North Carolina. These conferences will emphasize the intersection of food, land, health, and justice, and the pivotal role that religious leaders can play in creating sustainable and life-giving food systems.

“The grant is a real sign of commitment,” Bahnson said. “Most immediately, it gives us the resources necessary to create top notch continuing education events. It’s also encouraging that a large national foundation like Kalliopeia believes in the importance of our work. I’m thrilled and honored.”

Kallopeia Foundation, a private grantmaking foundation based in San Rafael, California, contributes to the evolution of communities and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life’s astounding diversity.

“We are gratified to have the new support and partnership of Kalliopeia Foundation,” said Gail R. O’Day, Dean of the School of Divinity.  “This grant positions the School of Divinity at the forefront of a growing national food and faith network of initiatives that will transform the way religious communities work for food justice.”

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