Tenth Anniversary of the Trible Lecture Series

On March 6 and 7, the School of Divinity hosted the Tenth Anniversary of the Phyllis Trible Lecture Series. Since 2003, the Phyllis Trible Lecture Series has invited distinguished women to the Wake Forest University Campus to present cutting edge lectures on feminist and biblical topics ranging from the arts to sustainability to body and health to interfaith feminisms.  Featuring prominent biblical and feminist and womanist scholars from across the globe, the Series has each year reminded the University community of the contributions of feminist perspectives and voices to the significant issues and challenges being debated in academia as well as in the public square.

The ideas and energy that birthed the Phyllis Trible Lecture Series stretch back some years prior to the inaugural event in 2003. Sylva Billue, a Winston-Salem resident and friend both of the University and Phyllis Trible, brought creativity and enthusiasm to initial planning discussions that sparked ten years of lectures highlighting biblical scholarship and feminist and womanist theologies.

Professor Phyllis Trible, a member of the inaugural faculty of the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, brought to the School a breadth and depth of experience and insight as a scholar, theologian, and academic administrator. The Lecture Series honors Professor Trible’s incomparable work to make feminist perspectives more audible and visible both in theological education and in diverse academic and ministry contexts

In its tenth year the lecture series featured speakers from four continents: Ivone Gebara of Brazil, Hisako Kinukawa of Japan, Mercy Amba Oduyoye of Ghana, and Ulrike Bechmann of Austria. Each lecture tied into the larger theme, The Bible and International Feminisms

  • Ivone Gebara: Daily Life Wisdom as One Criterion for Feminist Theological and biblical Interpretations
  • Hisako Kinukawa: A Journey of a Girl Who Talks Back
  • Mercy Amba Oduyoye: African Women and the Bible
  • Ulrike Bechmann: Sarah and Hagar: A Feminist European Perspective on Actual Controversies

Audio recordings of the lectures will be available soon. Check back for updates.


Media Contact: Mark Batten

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