Voss Roberts’s Book Named Best in Hindu-Christian Studies

The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies has named Dualities: A Theology of Difference (Westminster John Knox, 2010), by Michelle Voss Roberts, Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture, as Best Book in Hindu-Christian Studies, Theology and Philosophy for 2008 to 2011. The society is dedicated to the study of Hinduism and Christianity and their interrelationships. It seeks to create a forum for the presentation of historical research and studies of contemporary practice, for the fostering of dialogue and interreligious conversation, carried forward in a spirit of openness, respect and true inquiry.

In the book Voss Roberts investigates how philosophy and theology have struggled with the problem of dualism and the assumption that reality can be split in two. Too often, she says, this split places God, spirit, mind, and the masculine in opposition to evil, body, matter, and the feminine, and these intellectual divisions support social structures that oppress rather than embrace women, the poor, people of color, and others. At the book’s core, Voss Roberts gives a theological reconsideration of several important relationships through the wisdom of Christian and Hindu women, and shows how comparative theology uproots this dualism and fosters new modes of community built on cooperation instead of oppression.

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Media Contact: Mark Batten

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