Co-Rec Flag Football Recap

Vibrant Strands: A Look Back at Wake Divinity’s Co-Rec Season through the Window of the Div. School Hymn

by Robert Martin, Third Year Master of Divinity Student

No, we didn’t win the Championship game.  Our magical run of an undefeated season was ended on BB&T field last Tuesday night.  But despite losing a tough contest between two evenly matched teams, we have nothing to be ashamed of on Vibrant Strands.  The most impressive component of the Championship game was the crowd.  There were fifty div students in the stands of BB&T encouraging the team and it was truly wonderful to see such community support. 

Inspired by the Div School hymn, the team drew together and became one.  Throughout the season we wove a tapestry of vibrant strands, robed in a patchwork of rainbow hues which refracted the prism’s bands.  In fact, I am pretty sure the prism’s bands caught the other teams off guard, which allowed us to succeed.  Moreover, we were honed for ministry in a changing world, and joined in affirming all creature’s worth, so we were adaptable and nature was on our side.  Of course, as the season progressed, we grew as grace and wisdom entwined, which allowed us to accept defeat.

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