Student Perspective

Hometown: Hudson, NC
Age: 24
College Attended: Wingate University
Vocational Plans: Parish Ministry, Religious Educator

Jonathan was raised in the church and has always had a profound love for congregational life – he calls it his second home. It was not until high school that he felt the call to transform his passion into a career. Jonathan’s decision to attend the School of Divinity stemmed from his impression that the school “understood that calling and vocation should change, grow, and be nurtured.” As a student Jonathan has been given opportunities to be challenged and nurtured as he immerses himself in congregational life at a local church, Peace Haven Baptist, working with youth and families. Jonathan says that his decision to attend the School of Divinity is constantly affirmed as the professors, staff, and students work together to provide one another the tools and experience necessary to become active, effective, and educated ministers and leaders.

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