Meet the Class of 2017

Meet members of the graduating class of 2017. Click each picture for the full story.

While a student Kedrick had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. to speak about the changing landscape of ministry, which he says is one of the most meaningful aspects of earning the MDiv degree. “I have been prepared to be an agent of change for people that I encounter every day.”

After graduation Athena will move to California for another year of study to fulfill ordination requirements with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). She says she’ll miss #WakeDiv as a community. “I have had the honor of learning from, with, and alongside many incredible people.”

“Each professor, in their own way, has taken the time to pour into my life and to affirm my gifts and endeavors,” Demi says. “They have aided me in my continual meaning-making.” She plans to use her gift for spoken word to be a voice for social change.

Nicoles says what she values most about #WakeDiv is the authentic investment in building community. “I learned to be brave, to show up, to be real, to care for others and to let myself be cared for and seen in new and powerful ways.”

Reflecting on his experiences at #WakeDiv, Brian believes that while he is many ways different, the same calling that began his story remains the same, yet strengthened: “To make known and make space for God’s love, goodness, and abundance in our world.”

Courtney knew after visiting #WakeDiv for the first time that our diverse and hospitable environment was for her. “Through coursework and friendships, I have been challenged to rethink the ways in which I understand myself and engage with others.”

Darrell came to #WakeDiv at a time when he remembers, “there was a growing climate of many conversations being had pertaining to racism, xenophobia and heterosexism.” Over the course of his studies he was introduced to and met many scholars and leaders on these issues. As result, Darrell says he feels “compelled and equipped to launch out on these issues and continue their much-needed debate in the public square.”