Moving Science to the Forefront of Theological Education

The Wake Forest University School of Divinity is pleased to announce an innovative two-year project, Moving Science to the Forefront of Theological Education, supported with a generous grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“This grant is a wonderful opportunity for the School of Divinity to make the most of its location at a great university like Wake Forest. Our students will be even more creative and effective religious leaders because they will be informed and articulate about the scientific perspective and contributions to the issues of our day.”— Gail R. O’Day, Dean of the School of Divinity

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Photo: NASA, ESA and W. Harris/McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Dust Lanes in Galaxy NGC 7049. This galaxy is located the constellation of Indus, in the southern sky. A family of globular clusters appears as glittering spots dusted around the galaxy halo. Astronomers study the globular clusters in NGC 7049 to learn more about its formation and evolution. The dust lanes, which appear as a lacy web, are dramatically backlit by the millions of stars in the halo of NGC 7049. View more images here.