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With the publication of his widely-hailed encyclical Laudato Si (“Praised Be”), Pope Francis has called for a holistic way of approaching climate change, one that cuts across nationality, academic discipline, or religious difference. Join us in rethinking how we share this earth, our common home.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
WFU Charlotte Center
200 N. College Street, Suite 150
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202


What Our Panelists Are Saying

Our panelists are leaders in their fields on the important issues of climate change and environmental justice. Get a preview of what the panel will offer and our experts take on reclaiming our future.

'For God so loved the world', we read in John's gospel. As Pope Francis declares, the church - and its leaders - have a key role to play in protecting our common home.

Fred Bahnson

Director of the Food, Faith, and
Religious Leadership Initiative
Wake Forest University School of Divinity
Photo of Fred Bahnson

Our dignity as human beings depends on living in relationships of solidarity and care with other beings, creatures, and creation as a whole. Human beings are no longer at the center of things, but are at the heart of the matter. Our dignity is at stake.

Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo

Professor, Catholic and Latin American Studies
Wake Forest University School of Divinity
Photo of Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo

The only way to effectively mitigate the risks of climate change is to create market forces that encourage and allow businesses to become more energy efficient, increase cleaner energy options, and accelerate innovation.

Jay Faison

Founder and Managing Partner
Photo of Jay Faison

We are all linked on an annual cycle. If my young children live the rest of their lives in Winston-Salem, they will die in the climate of north Florida. This is the world we have created for ourselves.

Miles Silman

The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
Presidential Chair of Conservation Biology
Wake Forest College
Photo of Miles Silman