2017 New Student Orientation



Not just any ordinary welcome from August 16 – 18, 2017!

A warm welcome to you, incoming class of 2020!

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New Student Orientation and the start of your School of Divinity experience is quickly approaching. As you prepare for this new phase in life, we hope that you are excited to join our community for your theological education.For some of you, New Student Orientation will be your very first experience at the School of Divinity. As your Student Orientation Coordinators plan for it, they are making every effort to think of all the things you will want to know going into your first year of theological education. The schedule will be full of information to help you become familiar with academic vibrancy, student community, and University life. We will get to know you, and you will get to know us, along with resources and tools that will help you thrive here. You will also hear from faculty and current students, and we’ll all worship alongside one another. By the end of Orientation, you will be ready to begin classes with a greater sense of place and a clearer picture of what your first year of divinity school will be like.