Orientation Coordinators

Andrew is a third year student who is so grateful to be a part of the Wake Div community. He chose Wake Divinity because he was ready to have the tough conversations the church, non-profits and many people in society are uncomfortable having, but that are necessary and vital for the growth of humanity. Andrew enjoys talking about sports, running, biking and reading. His life goal is to be the best son, brother, uncle and co-parent to his shitzu dog, Charlie Burner.

If there was anything that he thinks is essential to know before you begin this journey it would be the absolute necessity to come into this space open and ready to receive and give from a willing heart.

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Lindsey is also a third-year student and she is thrilled to share this journey with you! She can’t wait for you to experience firsthand the attentive mentorship of the faculty and the spirit of friendship found in Chapel and Community Lunch—just a few of the reasons she loves Wake Div. Lindsey enjoys life’s simple pleasures: hammocks, being barefoot, a good book, taking ukulele lessons, Vietnamese iced coffee, laughing until it hurts, bike rides, etc. She is an alum of Elon University and a native of Greensboro, NC, where she lives with her brilliant wife, Laura, and their sweet dogs, Maggie and Harvey.

If there was anything that she thinks is essential to know before you begin this journey it would be the importance of taking at least one class just for fun (something you’re really excited about) each semester.

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