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christine.hargravesMeet Christine Hargraves (MDiv ’16)

Christine is a third-year student whose area of interest lies somewhere between the world of art and spirituality. She explores how art can both help people in their spiritual, emotional and practical lives. She is the leader of the student art group “Mosaic,” a group that encourages the creative exploration of the divinity school that welcomes both those identifying as artists and nonartists alike. More of her work and reflections can be found on her website: cehargraves.com.


About the Original Creative
from the artist


This piece represents the inner working of a tapestry. It lets you get close and gives the viewer an idea of what tapestries may look like up close. Normally with tapestries you see the bigger picture that the weaver had in mind. But if we identify with the string in the tapestry of life, then it can be hard to understand our place in the weaver’s tapestry.

 As threads in the tapestry we come from different places with different appearances, yet we have more in common then we think. Like the strings in the piece, we have elements of each other with in us: elements we have in common, elements we gather when we interact with and influence each other.

One of the biggest distinctive qualities of a tapestry is that it is made up of criss-crossing string. Sometimes it’s messy and doesn’t make sense, sometimes you can’t tell where one string ends and the other begins, but the weaver knows the bigger picture and the weaver sees beauty. And in order for the tapestry to be made, the lines must cross each other. During my time at divinity school I have learned that sometimes lines cross, and that it’s okay. We need to cross lines in order to make community. We must cross the lines of denominations, race, religion, gender, theology. At times crossing these lines might seem intimidating. It may stretch us further across the loom then we ever thought we would go, but by crossing the barriers of our difference and embracing each other we will find support in each other. We will be able to hold each other up once we agree to cross the lines that divide us – we can influence each other, connect and walk next to each other in the weaver’s great tapestry.