Registration for Sounding the Soul: Living as an Instrument of Grace

Harry Pickens waits quietly at the piano, attuning his intuition to the person who is about to receive the gift of a lifetime — a personalized, spontaneous musical portrait.

The music begins — pouring forth in wave after wave of pure creativity, reflecting aspects of this person Harry may never have met before, yet as he taps into the infinite intuitive reservoir within, the music flows.

The recipient sits quietly, listening deeply. Tears begin to flow. Even the audience members sense the profound connection and the ways in which THIS music in THIS moment reflects essential qualities of THIS person.

Afterwards, the recipient is touched, moved, often stunned. The music has helped to remind them of who they are at their core, and they now move forward with a deeper clarity, confidence, and commitment to living a more powerful and authentic life.

Those of us who choose the spiritual journey aspire to become living instruments through which the Divine might express those soul qualities of love, kindness, compassion, wisdom, creativity, mercy, joy. The classic prayer of St. Francis expresses this longing eloquently — ‘Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace.’

In Sounding The Soul, the School of Divinity will gather together with Harry to explore simple yet powerful practices that allow us to deepen our conscious capacity to embody love, to exemplify compassion, to express creativity, to be peace — to ‘tune’ our hearts, minds, brains, and bodies to the Divine ‘music’ that is always ready to pour through us. We will discover within the core of our own beings that sacred presence and power that seeks to flow through us in service of Love.

We will use music as model and metaphor to unlock the mysteries of grace, that we each might leave our time together renewed, refreshed, restored and ready to be about our sacred task as we work to build the Beloved Community here and now.

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This event is no longer accepting registrations. Contact Shakeisha Gray or Kerri Gibbs, Spiritual Life Coordinators, for more information.

When and Where:
The retreat will be held on Saturday, September 16 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episocpal Church in Winston-Salem.
There is a registration fee of $10 payable online. If you should need it, financial assistance is available. Please contact Dr. Christopher Copeland.
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