E. Frank Tupper

Distinguished Professor of Divinity Emeritus

BA, Mississippi College; MDiv, South­western Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Tupper was one of the founding faculty of the School of Divinity. A well-known lecturer and author, in late 2013 he published the new edition of A Scandalous Providence: The Jesus Story of the Compassion of God after more than twenty-five years of research. Though the initial edition appeared in 1995, it remained a “work in progress,” because he had not yet achieved his ultimate goal: to produce a critical re-construction of the historic doctrine of providence. A Scandalous Providence is the first modern re-formulation of the theology of providence on the basis of a non-doctrinaire historical critical interpretation of the Scriptures and beyond the established structures of the best traditional theology. Tupper is currently completing an ecclesiology on Contemporary Metaphors and Models of the Church. He is an ordained Baptist minister.

Religious Affiliation

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)

Courses Taught

  • Systematic Theology 1: Sources, Revelation, God, Creation, Humanity
  • Systematic Theology 2: Sin, Christology, Salvation, Church, Eschatology
  • Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Contemporary Christology
  • The Providence of God
  • The Congregational Church
  • The Theology of Juergen Moltmann
  • Radical Evil: The Holocaust and Jim Crow
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
  • Reading James Cone: A Black Theology of Liberation and Malcom & Martin & America
  • Reading Paul Tillich: Systematic Theology, 1
  • Reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together and The Cost of Discipleship
  • Reading Juergen Moltmann: The Crucified God

Select Publications

  • A Scandalous Providence: The Jesus Story of the Compassion of God. New Edition. Mercer University Press, 2013. Revision and Completion of A Scandalous Providence. Mercer University Press, 1995.
  • The Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg. Westminster Press, 1973. SCM Press. London, 1974.
  • “The Self-Limitation of God,” Perspectives in Religious Studies, 34 (2007), 161-191.
  • “Biblicism, Exclusivism, and Triumphalism: The Travail of Baptist Identity,” Perspectives in Religious Studies, 29 (2002), 411-426.
  • “The Bethlehem Massacre—Christology Against Providence,” Review and Expositor, 88 (1991), 399-418.
  • “Theology, Christology, and Eschatology,” Perspectives on Scripture and Tradition: Essays in Honor of Dale Moody. Ed. Robert C. Perkins. Mercer University Press, 1987. Pp. 99-124.
  • “A Baptist Vision of the Church,” Review and Expositor, 84 (1987), 617-632.
  • “The Providence of God in Christological Perspective, Review and Expositor, 82 (1985), 579-595.
  • “Revival of Apocalyptic in Biblical and Theological Studies,” Review and Expositor, 72 (1975), 579-595.
  • “The Christology of Wolfhart Pannenberg,” Review and Expositor, 71 (1974), 59-75.
  • “Persons as Resource for Missions.” Proceedings of the National Seminar on the Support of Missions. The Stewardship Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1976.

Select Academic Lectures

  • “The Mystery of Time in the Future of God: The Possibility of Eschatological Theology,” Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. Waco, Texas: July 2009.
  • “Response to Philip Clayton,” Transforming Christian Theology: For Church and Society, (Fortress Press, 2010) Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, November 2011.

Select Sermons, Educational Series, and Church Presentations

  • “New Wine in New Wineskins.” Banquet Address to the Inaugural Class. The Divinity School, August 1999.
  • “A Taste of New Wine.” Banquet Address to the First Graduating Class. The Divinity School, May 2002.
  • “Peace in the Storm,” Reformation Day Convocation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, November 1, 1985. Video

Professional Affiliations

  • American Academy of Religion
  • Association of Baptist Professors of Religion
  • American Association of University Professors