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Theology is a lived experience

  As I think of a well-worn quotation by Epictetus, which says, “only the educated are free”, I also consider how our society has the tendency to idolize education for education’s sake.  Don’t get me wrong.  I hold education in high esteem, and believe that access to quality, free or affordable, empowering opportunities is one […]

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Queering Worship and Gendering the Pulpit

In her recent lecture given on her second book, The Gendered Pulpit: Sex, Body, and Desire in Preaching and Worship, the Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber spoke on two subjects which are of great interest to me: gender and sexuality in the pulpit, and queering worship. As a trans-identified person, I am not comfortable in the […]

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Breaking Bread and Myself: Be Patient

The worst kept secret at Wake Divinity, Jill Crainshaw, will help you find theology in anything. The process is always open-ended and guided with a thoughtful, pastoral hand, yet unnerving in how complexities are drawn from simplicity. Also nothing—and I mean nothing—is the same when finished as when beginning. In those moments, it is very […]

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A Place at the Table: An Evening with Chris Glaser

Coming out was hard; in fact, on occasion it is still hard.  Although I was baptized in a Baptist church, confirmed in a Lutheran church, and am pursuing ordination in the Presbyterian church, I spent years feeling disenfranchised and wondering if I really had a place at the church’s table.  After realizing I was gay […]

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Why Do I Preach?

My young preaching life has been a journey to say the least. I was reminded of that as I recently made the trip to the Festival of Young Preachers last month in Atlanta, Georgia. It was at this same festival two years ago that I preached one of my first sermons ever – a long, […]

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And the Table; 2nd Year Reflection from Abby Pratt

If you follow the lectionary text, you might have had this same reaction (Everydayimpastoring) when you went to or opened your copy of the Revised Common Lectionary last week. In preparing for World Communion Sunday we were faced with a challenging selection of scripture, which included the suffering of Job, the creation of woman, the Pharisees questioning Jesus […]

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