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Self-love through the practice of yoga

  Being a yoga practitioner when I look back on my journey as both a student and teacher within this practice, I remember the incredible growth I experienced, not merely from student to teacher, but from self-criticizing to self-loving. I know today yoga is really popular for its physical qualities, which I do agree with, […]

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More than just a flag

A version of this post initially appeared in the September 7, 2015 edition of The Tablet, Wake Divinity’s student publication. “Currently, black lives don’t matter,” according to Alicia Garza, co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The statement was articulated in response to an inquiry about the Confederate Flag being removed from South Carolina’s State Capital after the […]

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The Beauty of Knowing Myself

Who am I? Why is it that people don’t understand me? Am I strange? How can I allow God to use me to minister to others? A couple of weeks ago, the divinity school had a retreat which addressed these questions. The theme for the retreat was “The Spirituality of the Enneagram.” I was encouraged […]

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The Symbol of God Functions

There are many memories from my time at Wake Div that I will never forget. I have now joined the numerous students (from Wake Div and elsewhere) who have sat in lecture and saw Dr. Leonard throw a student’s pencil out the window, Dr. Tupper reflect on the tiny pen dot he places on the […]

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Emotional Eating and Soul Friends: The Top Reasons to Do CPE

Clinical Pastoral Education, commonly referred to as “CPE,” is a pastoral care educational process of action and reflection. In our second year of divinity school we entered the CPE journey together at Wake Forest Baptist Health. CPE is offered at medical centers across the nation for academic credit and professional development. Our internship lasted from […]

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Shush and Listen!

It was a normal Sunday morning service at church. The deacon said the Morning Prayer, and the church rang with praise. Then the choir sang, and several people started dancing in the pews and aisles. Some stood and clapped their hands, and those sitting were either stomping their feet or tending to their children. This […]

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