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Self-love through the practice of yoga

  Being a yoga practitioner when I look back on my journey as both a student and teacher within this practice, I remember the incredible growth I experienced, not merely from student to teacher, but from self-criticizing to self-loving. I know today yoga is really popular for its physical qualities, which I do agree with, […]

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Why I Am (Not) a Christian

  One of the biggest struggles of divinity school, for both myself and many others, has been the issue of Christian identity. What does it mean to call oneself a Christian? Is it about one’s status before God, about being ‘chosen’ and ‘elect’ and ‘saved’? Is it about being a part of a community that […]

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The Labyrinth of Wake Divinity

I step out of my shoes, cool tile on the soles of my feet.  The gentle flicker of candles, and the silencing of the normal hustle and bustle of the Lower Auditorium let me know that I am in Holy time.  The anxiety of five minutes ago seems surreal and absurd.  What papers, what services, […]

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An Unforeseen Wonderland

Downtime is a necessity. Making time to disconnect from what is routine and connecting with the unknown, foreign. Perhaps reconnecting with a hobby or craft.  Whatever it may be, downtime allows you to be fully present with yourself. Leave everything behind: the smartphone (unless you need to take pictures, of course), the to-do list, the […]

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What do you hear when pastors and church folk hear that you are coming to seminary? “Go ahead and call your counselor. You’re going to need her before you’re through.” “I think they just try to tear you down so they can put you back together the way they want you before you leave.” “No […]

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The Beauty of Knowing Myself

Who am I? Why is it that people don’t understand me? Am I strange? How can I allow God to use me to minister to others? A couple of weeks ago, the divinity school had a retreat which addressed these questions. The theme for the retreat was “The Spirituality of the Enneagram.” I was encouraged […]

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