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Healthy Boundaries in Ministry

I recently completed a class at Wake Divinity entitled “Healthy Boundaries: Ministry, Professional Ethics and Leadership.” The weekend class had caught my attention solely with the word “boundaries.” As a future leader in ministry I wanted to know just what this means for me. To be an effective leader I want to be sure I […]

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The ministry that is self-care

  What I wouldn’t give to be on a sandy beach, in eighty-plus degree weather, with my feet kicked up on a lawn chair; but instead I am preparing for the second half of my first semester at Wake Div. A welcomed task, but a daunting one indeed. When arriving here to the school second […]

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Self-love through the practice of yoga

  Being a yoga practitioner when I look back on my journey as both a student and teacher within this practice, I remember the incredible growth I experienced, not merely from student to teacher, but from self-criticizing to self-loving. I know today yoga is really popular for its physical qualities, which I do agree with, […]

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One summer

  The following was written after Corinne Causby, second-year student, attended a worship service the Sunday after the horrific June 17, 2015 events in Charleston, South Carolina and then edited the week of July 19 following the events in Tennessee for inclusion here. This summer has been… different. One year under my belt in divinity school, I […]

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Why I Am (Not) a Christian

  One of the biggest struggles of divinity school, for both myself and many others, has been the issue of Christian identity. What does it mean to call oneself a Christian? Is it about one’s status before God, about being ‘chosen’ and ‘elect’ and ‘saved’? Is it about being a part of a community that […]

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A Beloved Community

  As my time here at Wake Forest comes to close, I am given moments where I can reflect on the true meaning of what this experience has been for me. As I reflect, I am drawn to my initial feelings about this community. To be completely honest, I had reservations about entering this community. […]

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