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Queering Worship and Gendering the Pulpit

In her recent lecture given on her second book, The Gendered Pulpit: Sex, Body, and Desire in Preaching and Worship, the Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber spoke on two subjects which are of great interest to me: gender and sexuality in the pulpit, and queering worship. As a trans-identified person, I am not comfortable in the […]

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Queerly Walking Here: A Reflection on Winston-Salem Pride and Kaleidoscope

There I stood in front of Foothills Brewery on 4th Street as my hopes for the sake of humanity meshed with a multitude of others. I surveyed a diverse, yet unified body of individuals joined to celebrate the LGBTQ community. As a group, Kaleidoscope walked amongst fellow Wake Forest students and faculty that, too, strive […]

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A Place at the Table: An Evening with Chris Glaser

Coming out was hard; in fact, on occasion it is still hard.  Although I was baptized in a Baptist church, confirmed in a Lutheran church, and am pursuing ordination in the Presbyterian church, I spent years feeling disenfranchised and wondering if I really had a place at the church’s table.  After realizing I was gay […]

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Justice and the LGBTQ Community; Two First Years Reflect

In reflecting on our experience at the Sexuality and Covenant Conference, we have been drawn to explore question “What can heterosexual brothers and sisters in Christ learn from our LGBTQ brothers and sisters?”  At the recent [Baptist] Conference on Sexuality and Covenant, Cody Sanders addressed a similar question, which has inspired us to collaborate on […]

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