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The Purple People

Christine, a second-year student,  wrote this post as a reflection on the “Faith Inclusion Conference: That All May Worship,” as part of her internship at Salvage Garden.  Hang around Salvage Garden’s executive director Melissa Guthrie (MDiv ’11) long enough and you will likely hear her make a statement about how everyone is valuable…including those who are purple. […]

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Emotional Eating and Soul Friends: The Top Reasons to Do CPE

Clinical Pastoral Education, commonly referred to as “CPE,” is a pastoral care educational process of action and reflection. In our second year of divinity school we entered the CPE journey together at Wake Forest Baptist Health. CPE is offered at medical centers across the nation for academic credit and professional development. Our internship lasted from […]

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“You are Wonderful”: Learning How to Be Still

This year I have the privilege of interning at Arbor Acres. Arbor Acres, lovingly referred to as “the acres”, is a retirement community located just moments away from Wake Div. The community houses folks living independently in homes and apartments as well as persons living within skilled healthcare rooms or within the memory care center, […]

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So this is our charge!

On the weekend of September 20-22 a group of Wake Div students ventured to Princeton, New Jersey to attend the Second Annual SERV Conference hosted this year at Princeton University. Students received a community engagement grant through the Office of Leadership Development to attend a host of workshops and sessions designed to empower, encourage, and motivate […]

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Facilitating Powerful Change for Others Leads to Personal Transformation

Thanks to an internship grant from Wake Div, I had the opportunity spend this summer working as an intern at Stone Circles at the Stone House, a center for spiritual activism and nourishment in Mebane, NC. The simplest way to describe Stone Circles  is as a retreat center which specifically works to sustain activists and organizers. […]

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