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The ministry that is self-care

  What I wouldn’t give to be on a sandy beach, in eighty-plus degree weather, with my feet kicked up on a lawn chair; but instead I am preparing for the second half of my first semester at Wake Div. A welcomed task, but a daunting one indeed. When arriving here to the school second […]

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We have angered our common home

On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, the Wake Forest School of Divinity hosted an interdisciplinary panel discussion around Pope Francis’ recent encyclical, Laudato Si’ (“Praised Be”), in which Pope Francis calls for a holistic way of approaching climate change. We were honored to hear the responses to Laudato Si’ from four distinguished Wake Forest professors given their […]

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The Slide

Sometimes you have to trust the process. That is what I am learning as I near the end of my first year. Sometimes you have to trust a process you did not have a hand in creating, one you still are not entirely sure you have bought into, and one you know will push you […]

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Lessons Learned from the Snowmageddon

LaGuardia Airport announced, “All flights are canceled”. John F. Kennedy International Airport announced, “minimal flight activity.” About three weeks ago, I was trapped in New York City during the “Snowmageddon.” Meteorologist estimated the snowstorm would be the biggest since the 1970’s 25-foot record. In anticipation of Snowmageddon, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York […]

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What do you hear when pastors and church folk hear that you are coming to seminary? “Go ahead and call your counselor. You’re going to need her before you’re through.” “I think they just try to tear you down so they can put you back together the way they want you before you leave.” “No […]

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We’re In This Together

If you’ve never played racquetball before, allow this video to introduce you to the game (just imagine a ball flying and bouncing around the court). If you’re an ole’ pro, watch the video anyway – I’ll guarantee that you’ve never seen it played with this equipment. Stuck. Tired. Nervous. Unsure. Alone… Lost. Sound familiar? Between […]

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