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Theologies Dreamed in Spanish, Articulated in English, and Lived in Spanglish

In her book, Theologizing en Espanglish:  Context, Community, and Ministry, Latina theologian Carmen Nanko-Fernandez describes the corpus of theological thought emanating from the growing numbers of Latino/a theologians in the U.S. as, “theologies dreamed in Spanish, articulated in English, and lived in Spanglish.” – an apt description of the “God talk” heard on the campus […]

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WakeDiv travels to Baptist Sexuality Conference

Five students and a host of divinity school alums from Wake Forest braved the dangers and hazards of I-85 to attend the much safer Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Conference on Sexuality and Covenant last weekend. The First Baptist Church of Decatur graciously opened their doors to host a series of plenary presentations and small-group breakout sessions […]

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