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Community in Worship

Community Worship at the School of Divinity

School of Divinity chapel services are scheduled for 11am on every Tuesday and Thursday during the academic year in Davis Chapel.

We study. We teach. We learn together. We also worship together. Weekly chapel services at the School of Divinity give students, faculty, staff, and community friends an opportunity to encounter God as we pray and sing together.  School of Divinity chapel services also give worshippers unique opportunities to embody what they are learning in classrooms, even to infuse that learning with spiritual and theological insights peculiarly present when a community prays together.

Whether we hear the voices of nationally known preachers or experience the preaching gifts of local pastors, or celebrate the homiletical skills of third year students, or listen as faculty members craft that all important move from texts to sermons, the community has a chance in School of Divinity chapel services to reflect together on God’s presence and grace in our community and for the world.

The work of the people in chapel services is sacred work, but it is also educational work as it unfolds in a theological school. What do we learn as we pray together? Responses emerge in the form of questions stirred by our worship:  What does it mean to pray together, coming as we do from such different theological places and spaces? How does what we learn in the classroom shape what we practice in worship? How do our weekly practices of prayer and praise move out through institutional doors and into the worlds where we live and work?

>> Fall 2014 Chapel Schedule will be available by mid-August.

Chapel is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00am in Davis Chapel (located in Wingate Hall) unless otherwise noted. Worship Bulletins are available online.

Date Worship Leader
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Project Chapel

Project Chapel was introduced during the Spring 2012 semester and offers worship services at an alternative time in addition to the regularly scheduled Tuesday community worship.

In its introduction to the student body, Master of Divinity student Molly Bolton shared the following about the vision of Project Chapel:

A creative new service is hitting the Wake Div scene
And here’s an inside scoop, it’s an ecumenical dream

We love Tuesday Chapel
So this won’t interfere
And our services are short,
So busy-bodies, hold the tear.

The goal is to serve up the Word, hot and fresh like apple pie
The Spirit just might move you in a way you can’t deny

There will be high church and low church and church in between
There will some things new and some you’ve seen

Some services will be rigid and others, loose
It’s got me so pumped up that I’m sounding like Seuss

There will be dancing and caroling and poems and quiet.
Like green eggs and ham—you really should try it.

It will change situations
It will change locations
So keep your eyes peeled for the invitations

This is a project of praise and we pray that you’re present
To participate, meditate, activate, associate, innovate, contemplate, recreate, make it great.

Find the latest updates and information on Project Chapel by “liking” us on Facebook.


>> More information Project Chapel services will be posted on the Calendar of Events each semester.  

Worship Opportunities in Winston-Salem

Finding a faith community to join during your journey at the School of Divinity is important, not only for support, but for spiritual growth and community involvement. To help you find a church, we’ve put together a Worship Opportunities Resource Guide with local churches suggested by current students – view it here.