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The School of Divinity accepts applications on a rolling basis.  This means you can complete an application at any time, but not after the final deadline.  Please review deadlines below.

Application Deadlines for 2014-2015
November 1, 2014 Spring 2015 Final Deadline for MDiv and Exploratory (Non-Degree) applicants
January 15, 2015 Fall 2015 Final Deadline for Joint Degree applicants (except Law)
February 1, 2015 Fall 2015 Priority Deadline for MDiv applicants
March 15, 2015 Fall 2015 Final Deadline for JD/MDiv applicants
July 25, 2015 Fall 2015 Final Deadline for MDiv applicants
August 15, 2015 Fall 2015 Final Deadline for Exploratory (Non-Degree Applicants)
November 1, 2015 Spring 2016 Final Deadline for MDiv and Exploratory (Non-Degree) applicants

*Note, these deadlines remain the same each year.


Joint Degree Applicants

If you are you interested in one of our joint degree programs, you will need to create an application to each school separately and complete the application with the required materials as outlined in the program requirements by January 15:

Note: if you are applying to bioethics, counseling, education, or sustainability, the Graduate School and School of Divinity share an application system. When you create your second application account, you will need to use a different email address. The application system will not allow duplicate email addresses for applications.

A Note About Deadlines

All applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible, especially International applicants, in order to allow the maximum amount of time once an offer is made to process the required paper work.

Early submission is strongly encouraged for applicants to be given full consideration for financial aid. Late applications will be considered while openings remain with approval from the Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Services.