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How will your call lead you to act?

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Student Stories

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Mamie Murphy (MDiv ’14)

Since age 13, Mamie has had affection for music and its ability to transcend boundaries. Learning a variety of instruments, like the guitar and mandolin, she composes songs and has the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. In a class she took with Dr. Michelle Voss Roberts, Feminist, Womanist, and Mujerista Theologies, Mamie crafted songs on how African American women’s experience in the south is cultivated by issues of race, class, and gender. Out of this passion, Mamie has been able to reflect upon music’s capacity to give life to experiences even when specific words are not present.

Patrick Campbell (MDiv ’13)

Patrick desires to work with people and provide space, as a theologian in a congregational setting, for people to share their stories and find meaning. He believes that what he was able to experience and take advantage of while at the School of Divinity trained him to be a better interpreter of people’s stories. While interning at Parkway United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem, Patrick found a home where he was formed in what it means to be a minister who is intentional about discerning the specific needs of a congregation. The gift of story is, Patrick says, our greatest resource.

Jamie Sims (MDiv ’14)

Jamie is passionate about the environment, growing food in earth-honoring ways, and addressing food insecurities. Not only is his academic concentration in food and faith, he interns at Harmony Ridge Farms in Tobaccoville, NC to help benefit the community by improving access to fresh, nutritious, and seasonal produce. By integrating his passions for environmental and food justice with the whole of his academic classes, Jamie has been equipped in unexpected ways. He is learning and living that to care for creation is a core pastoral practice for religious leaders and the communities with whom they serve.

Katie Schlimmer (MDiv ’14)

Katie says she fell into student ministry while she was in college, working with a variety of age groups. She has a strong desire to care for people and is especially sensitive to the formational time of student’s lives as they reflect on and explore their faith. Working with students has given Katie a greater sense of purpose as she is driven toward issues of inequality and injustice amidst her passion for helping students value human interconnectedness. Interning at the Salem College Chaplain’s Office, Katie has learned how to properly care and provide opportunities for students to explore their theological imaginations.

Key Initiatives

Where personal faith becomes a decision to lead.

Well-Being and Religious Leadership Program

Well-Being and Religious Leadership Program

Explore in depth an area of interest related to the well-being of humans and the communities in which they live, work, and play. With concentrations in Food and Faith and Faith and Health of the Public, you will be guided to become more effective in cultivating a holistic view of wellness, creation care, personal and communal spirituality and ethics, individual and communal health, and the common good. You’ll also learn strategies for helping faith communities embody this view in worship, education, mission, and other initiatives. Find out more.

New Concentration in Education

New Concentration in Education

In partnership with the Wake Forest University Department of Education, we now offer a concentration designed to enable students who already hold teaching certificates in North Carolina to qualify for a Master’s level certification. This concentration will enable you, as an MDiv student, to strengthen your credentials while preparing for religious leadership. Find out more.

Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative

Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative

Food access, food quality, and food production are issues that will define this generation. The Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative works to support, nurture, and encourage the dialogue and action focused on food justice. Hosting a variety of workshops and hands-on learning opportunities, the initiative educates religious leaders, in church and faith communities, about promoting health and improving access to healthy food. Join the initiative and find out more.

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The School of Divinity at Wake Forest University is a graduate, professional school that is Christian by tradition, Baptist in heritage, and ecumenical in outlook. Consistent with Wake Forest’s commitment to academic excellence and in the spirit of the University motto, Pro Humanitate, the School of Divinity prepares leaders informed by a theological understanding of vocation. Through imaginative courses and diverse programs of community engagement, students are equipped to be agents of justice, reconciliation, and compassion in Christian churches and other ministries.

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