Faculty Resources

Faculty: the resources included on this page are to help you create a classroom environment that maximizes the learning of all students and contains useful resources to help:

  • effectively integrate instructional technology as you develop and implement courses,
  • learn about campus-wide workshops, seminars, guides and other faculty resources, and
  • offer assistance and support with academic policies and procedures.

For more information about these resources or other questions you may have, contact

Michelle Voss Roberts Associate Dean for Academic Affairs robertmv@wfu.edu 336.758.4157
Susan Robinson Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs robinssr@wfu.edu 336.758.4157



Bulletin Year 2016/2017

Bulletin Year 2015/2016

Bulletin Years 2012/2013 – 2014/2015

Note: Degree Audit Forms are intended to guide advising and student course planning. Official degree audits are available through student WIN accounts.


Course and Final Exam Schedules, and Information

Forms and Procedures

For information on procedures and the accompanying forms, please reference Forms and Procedures, available under Academic Resources.

Course Set Up

Course Book Ordering

Though we are only several weeks into the fall term, plans are already moving forward for the spring semester.  The Bookstore is implementing a new process for ordering books for the next semester’s courses.  Going forward, the University will be using an online system for book orders: Verba System for Textbooks.

Course Packs and Custom Publishing

Several publisher agreements have made it possible for faculty to do custom publishing for their courses.  For example, if you want to use only two or three chapters of a particular book in your course, then you may be able to make that request through the Bookstore and have just those chapters produced in book form.

Desk Copies

The bookstore website has information that explains about desk copy book orders.

Syllabus Template

Coming soon.

Academic Bulletin and Calendar
Campus Resources

For Faculty

For Students/Advisees

Travel and Engagements

We are excited to learn how you are taking your academic and ministerial passions to cities across the country. Submit your travel and engagements using this form and they will be put online under Faculty on the Road so prospective students, donors, alumni and interested parties can see where they can engage a topic of interest or learn more about the work of the School of Divinity.