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The School of Divinity welcomes community members to audit selected courses each fall and spring semester.  Each instructor determines the availability of his or her class to auditors. A list of courses available for auditing is posted below.

Process for Auditors

  • Please complete the online interest form. After completing the form, Susan Robinson, the administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs in the School of Divinity (Wingate Hall, Room 303B), will contact you about how to register for a course as an auditor. You will receive instructions on the auditing process, an Application to Audit, and information on the course that you wish to audit. You can email Susan or contact her at 336.758.4157.
  • Attending the first class session of the course you wish to audit is important. Please introduce yourself to the instructor at the beginning of class and get their signature on your application. The instructor’s signature is your acceptance into the course.
  • The cost of auditing courses is $85 per credit hour, which adds up as follows: 1 hour course is $85; 2 hour course is $170 3 hour course is $255.  Most of the courses open to audit are listed as 3 credit hours. Checks must be presented with your application to audit and made payable to WFU School of Divinity.
  • Return your Application to Audit registration form with your check to either the instructor or Susan Robinson in Wingate Hall, Room 303B.
  • As an auditor you must register your vehicle with the Parking Management Office.  Traffic Rules and Regulations state in Article II, Motor Vehicle Registration: “All persons residing or operating vehicles on Wake Forest University property, must register vehicles they are operating, day or night, whether or not owned by the operator.  This includes students who are part-time, auditing classes or completing theses.” 
    • The Parking & Transportation Office is located in the Alumni Hall.  You can access their website for more information or contact them at 336.758.PARK. 

Courses Available to Audit – Spring 2015

Spring 2015 courses begin Tuesday, January 13.

Course Name Instructor Schedule
MIN 641: Congregational Leadership, Presbyterian Polity, and Reformed Theology (2 credit hours) Blankinship, J. Wednesdays, 12:30 – 2:30pm
MIN 695: United Church of Christ Polity and History (2 credit hours) Schaub, C. Wednesdays, 12:30 – 3:15pm (January 15 – March 25)
Other courses may be posted soon.