Postured at the Table

Published: September 18, 2014

It is hard to believe it has already been three weeks since first stepping foot on to campus to begin my journey as a Divinity student at Wake Forest University. I must admit, I was filled with so many emotions, wondering if I had made the right decision. “Do I have what it takes to be successful? Will I be accepted? Who am I?’’

The anxiety quickly began to subside at orientation as I began to respond to an invitation to simply come to the table; God’s table, and risk transformation. In a moment the pressure was off. I was gripped by the reality that I indeed had a place at the table. My place at the table was indeed, my place. You see, it had been at least two years since I felt “at home” in any particular space. So much so, that I had bags in my room left unpacked because I just knew I’d be moving sooner rather than later. I was totally caught off guard by the loving, welcoming and affirming community that is the School of Divinity.

As I continue to settle in, I do so with a listening heart. It has always been important for me to discern the purpose of God’s presence in any particular moment. In doing so here at Wake Forest, I have wondered into a grace that permits me to simply listen. I have encountered God in faces and spaces I otherwise would have not paid any attention. The Holy Spirit’s perfect leadership, presence and purpose have become even more real to me this leg of the journey. Seasons of old have begun to make sense and I am becoming more and more acquainted with the stories and experiences of those seated at the table around me.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know there is One who is fully acquainted with my story and has a prepared a place at the table for me amidst the diverse stories, beliefs and experiences of others. I want to encourage you wherever you find yourself in your journey, to pay attention to your heart and reevaluate your posture at the table. You may already find yourself beginning to slouch or maybe you have become so familiar with your company and space and you’ve made a mess. Begin again with a listening heart.

Daniel Reese
First Year

Daniel is a First Year Divinity Student, worship leader at Winston Salem First and die hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.380523_591936493528_468002924_n