This Week: February 17 – 21

Seminar on Non-Violent Social Change

The Seminar on Non-Violent Social Change seeks to help justice advocates develop skills and gain historical perspective for advancing current social issues in their communities. Inspired by the work of our predecessors in the Civil Rights Movement some 50 years ago, participants engage in an intensive four day seminar course facilitated by renowned Civil Rights icon, Dr. Vincent Harding and local social justice practitioners. Best known as a historian of African American religious traditions, for his work with and writings about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his leadership on the “Eyes On The Prize” documentary series, Harding uses past and present social movements to help participants understand how to galvanize for nonviolent social change.

The Seminar will be held February 17-20, 2013 in Farrell Hall from 6-9pm each evening. Selected participants will be expected to attend every night of the seminar as well as several pre-seminar screenings of “Eyes On The Prize”. This application is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students at Wake Forest University. They will be joined by community and campus social justice scholars and practitioners for four nights of rich conversation about non-violent social movements for change, contemporary issues, and strategies to address them. 


Academic News

Summer School: The summer school schedule is available to review online. Note that several classes require Permission of Instructor (POI) and may require a separate application or registration. For more information on summer school opportunities, please contact Susan Robinson in the Office of the Academic Dean and read about the advantages of summer coursework here.

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