Breathe in ...

Published: January 29, 2014

…and breathe out.

Two weeks into school and already I am feeling overwhelmed. My to-do list has gotten longer than the hours in a day and my color coded calendar looks like a box of Crayola crayons attacked it. Free time seems like a mere memory and spring break already couldn’t come soon enough. I thought I was alone in this until I talked to several different people and heard a similar sentiment; there is simply not enough time in the day to complete all that we “need” to do. School alone could take over all day every day but we have jobs, family members, friends, emergencies — and the list goes on and on.

One of my mentors recently said that he was going to make sure to live at his pace, and not at the pace the others create for him. I think that can be advice for all of us. Through all of the busyness, papers, tests, emails, hours clocked, family members, and unexpected life events, figure out what it is that makes you feel most alive and don’t sacrifice that.  Perhaps it’s establishing a pace that is healthy for you or maybe it is taking 10 minutes to read something that has nothing to do with divinity school each night. For others it might mean running or a Zumba class, perhaps a 30 minute nap or one night really allowing yourself to cook a wonderful meal. There are as many passions as there are people so it can look differently for each of us.

chelsea-blog-jan14When I thought about this, I was reminded that I feel most alive when I carve out time to be fully present with people. It may not be a lot, but perhaps it’s making sure I am not doing work at our weekly community lunches or giving myself time to have a fifteen minute phone call with a friend that’s not close by. In addition, I also realized that when my posture is that of gratitude to God for this season of my life (even with the ups and downs) my complaining often shifts to praise.

I encourage us all, past all of the hectic and frantic time that comes as the semester begins, to take a moment (maybe a nap) and really think about what makes you feel most alive.  Whenever you figure it out, do not sacrifice it.  And finally let us all take a moment to say thank you to God, even when it’s hard. It’s not complex or deep, but I think that we can easily forget to stop and do those things that keep us going amidst all the other things we have to do.

Breathe in…. and breathe out.

yarborough_chelseaChelsea Yarborough
Second Year MDiv