This Week: November 18 – 22

This Week’s Sagacious Advice: Take advantage of “Sources, Citations, and Cocoa!”

How many critical reflections, book responses, and research essays do you still have to write before this semester ends?  As you speed read through numerous resources in search of insights and data and then speed write to meet assignment deadlines, proper documentation can become at times a frustrating challenge.  Careful citation is nevertheless a vital dimension of graduate education. Through their study and writing, graduate students in all fields become part of ongoing scholarly conversations. Who are your primary dialogue partners as you explore sacramental theology and practice in Lutheran traditions? Which scholars are you debating and with whom are you joining scholarly forces as you write that final paper for theology, church history, or ethics? Who inspired the biblical or homiletical insight that finally gave you the sermon ending that had eluded you for three sleepless nights? On whose theory are you basing the thesis for your final project on biblical prophets or the church and contemporary cultures? Learning how properly to credit conversation partners for what they contribute to our scholarly and creative work is part of what it means to become a collaborative religious leader.

We are fortunate to have many research and citation experts on the staff of Wake Forest’s ZSR Library.  Recognizing that the end-of-semester research and writing crunch is upon us, the Library has scheduled several sessions dedicated to helping Wake students with their research projects. You don’t know how to cite that unusual source? You just can’t get from “the best project idea ever” to an actual topic or thesis sentence?  You are stressed out about whether this or that paragraph needs a footnote?  Cookies and cocoa await you in the Library on November 18th and December 3rd.  Read more about the sweet treats and expert citation advice here.

Note: Library staff persons are available at other times by request. Hilary Floyd, the School of Divinity’s Academic Skills Instructor, is also eager to assist students with writing challenges. You can make an appointment with Hilary here.

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