This Week: November 11 – 15

“Sustainability practice encompasses stewardship and responsible management of natural resources. The multi-dimensional nature of these concepts demands that sustainability professionals have a background in various disciplines. . .[T]his program provides students with the broad disciplinary exposure needed to join the ranks of sustainability professionals.”

from the Master of Arts in Sustainability brochure

I have had opportunity in recent weeks to talk with Dan Fogel, Executive Professor of Strategy in the Schools of business. Professor Fogel is working with other University colleagues on a new Master of Arts in Sustainability that will soon be offered through the Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability. The new program includes along with the Master’s degree a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability. School of Divinity students are eligible to apply now to participate in the certificate program that will begin in the fall semester 2014. I am not surprised that many Divinity faculty persons have had energizing and collaborative conversations with colleagues who are designing the new degree and certificate. Religious leadership practices are also multi-dimensional and concerned with responsible stewardship of natural resources. Religious leadership practice and sustainability practice make good partners.

The new sustainability certificate program provides an excellent opportunity for our students concretely to explore how theology and ministry are connected to pressing questions related to our environment and sustainability. The program also introduces students to a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that foster sustainability.

Religious leaders are leaders “in place” and in particular places where sustainability concerns shape the needs, hopes and possibilities of people and communities. Our Master of Divinity program forms religious leaders who can join leaders in other professions in the work of fostering and sustaining the well-being of human communities and our environment. The Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainability offers new opportunities for Divinity students to explore these dimensions of their callings. 

Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainability

The Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainability. The 12-credit certificate includes all core courses from the master’s program in sustainability. Although the certification can stand alone, providing substantive knowledge of sustainability-related issues, it can also be earned in conjunction with another Wake Forest master’s degree program, like the Master of Divinity.  Submission of the GRE is optional for those interested in the certificate program.

MDiv students can earn a graduate certificate in sustainability by using elective hours within the degree to fulfill the certificate requirement.

The priority application deadline to be a part of the fall 2014 class is January 15, 2014. The application fee can be waived for students already enrolled at WFU.  Learn more about the program and application requirements here.

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Registration for Spring 2014 continues through December 6.


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