This Week: August 26 - 30

Published: August 25, 2013

A New Academic Year Begins

Classes at the School of Divinity begin tomorrow – Monday, August 26.  Remember: we will not hold Divinity classes on Labor Day, September 2. However, if you have a class elsewhere in the University that is being held on Labor Day, you are not exempted from attendance in that class.

New Fall Course Electives Added!

The following courses are new for the Fall 2013 schedule. Please register for them this week through the Office of the Academic Dean. Susan Robinson can assist you.

  • MIN 790 Building Relationships: Shaping a Partnership between Pastors and Worship Music Leaders
    Visiting Professor:  D’Walla Simmons-Burke, Professor of Music, Winston-Salem State University
    One credit, Pass/Fail
    Weekend Module:  September 20-22

This course considers the relationship between congregational pastors and music/worship leaders. Pastors and ministers of music/worship have a platform to be the two most visible and influential people in a church. This being so, the congregation can only benefit from the synergy between the pastor (spoken word-deliverer) and minister of music/worship leader(musical/sung word-deliverer). Responsibilities pastors and ministers of music/worship leaders have to the gospel ministry are defined and articulated. Leadership models are investigated in the light of team-building and staff management. Practical application is made through class, small group case studies, panel discussions and performance observation evaluations. Course guests will include local choirs, ministers of music, and pastors.

  • MIN 790 My Life Flows on in Endless Song
    Visiting Professor:   Sally Morris, Chapel Musician and Minister of Music at Parkway Presbyterian Church
    One credit, Pass/Fail
    Weekend Module:  November 1-3

This course will focus on four main areas of worship music and religious leadership:

  • The variety and wealth of congregational music across cultures and denominations, and how, in 2013, this music is impacting and changing the styles, sounds, and experiences of worship in congregations globally and locally. 
  • The basic rudiments of the structure of congregational song forms and their purposes, especially classic hymn forms, contemporary song forms, cyclical forms, and ethnic and global forms, and how each form may be used to complement, enhance, move, transform, and influence a particular moment, character, or aspect of a worship service.
  • The planning of a worship service with regard to congregational song especially in its relation to scriptural or topical themes and the worship planning resources available to pastors and musicians regarding the selection of music, including hymnal indexes, online resources, and denominational worship planning guides.
  • Discussion of the congregation’s role in its own song as participants versus the performance culture of choirs, ensembles and bands which may diminish the congregation’s active engagement.
  • MIN 790  Pastoral Care in Times of Grief
    Visitin Professor, Susan Dunlap
    3 credit hours

We human beings are created for love and yet we all die. The experience of grief is inevitable for anyone who loves, and ministry with the bereaved has always been a part of church life. This course focuses on the care of the bereaved by clergy and congregation. 

  • THS 790  Readings in Queer Theology
    Professor:  Michelle Voss Roberts
    One credit, Requires permission of instructor

This seminar-style reading course surveys classic and new works in queer theology. Queer theology transgresses dominant constructions of gender identity and sexuality; and as such, it can be seen as an expression of the Christian gospel that upends and subverts human understandings of life, community, and the divine. The course explores biblical and Christian theological perspectives on sexuality, social constructions of sexuality, and issues such as power, marriage equality, and sexual ethics.

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Blessings on the week ahead,

  Jill Crainshaw
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs