Why Wait?

Published: April 25, 2013

To the visionaries that sit beside me in classrooms, to the dreamers who pass me in the hallways, and to those who entered into this place with an idea that will touch this world, this question is for you: Why Wait?

I assume your answer is a lot like mine,

I am waiting for the perfect place, the perfect time, the perfect connections, and the perfect resources.

If I told you that this was the perfect time and place with perfect connections and perfect resources, would you believe me? Or would fear just simply keep you waiting?

While our time in Divinity School is designed to prepare and equip us for what is to come, we must not underestimate the skills, gifts, and abilities that have brought us to this place. We must not allow the worldly weight placed on degrees and accomplishments to distract us from our ultimate end which extends beyond the graduation stage. Your degree will not be your source. Instead, it will be a resource.

Once we shift our thinking, we can begin to discover the gold that sits amongst this mine. We will begin to see how perfect this experience can be and how perfect this time is to do what God has nudged us to do. Every idea, vision and dream that you believe God has given you is not meant for later. They are for this community, this campus, this city…now.

IMG6604copyI entered into this place with a vision to change the lives of young girls around world. Amidst the theological discussions, critical reviews papers, and thought-provoking lectures of my first year, I almost forgot about these young women. A few weeks ago I was reminded of my big picture through a simple inquiry from a classmate. She wanted to know about the non-profit organization I had started for young girls: HerSpace, Inc.. It was then that she led me to the Wake Forest University Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center where they are committed to equip students with the tools and resources to be innovative thinkers, value creators and entrepreneurial leaders. Through this department, I was awarded a summer stipend to work for my non-profit organization. I have never had the time to uninterruptedly invest my time, knowledge, energy and resources into this vision and now, this summer will provide me with that opportunity.

I share this with you to say: Do not lay down your big picture. Pick it up. Carry your books in one hand and your big picture in the other. Your classmates want to encourage it. Your professors want to nurture it. Your administrators want to support it.

There was a time in life where Nike’s 3-word mantra – Just  Do It – was enough. Today, in a world full of injustice, oppression, poverty, brokenness, and hopelessness,we are in need of a more urgent, active and immediate mantra and I think this is it: Just Do It NOW!

Why Wait? Go where no one has ever gone. Do what no one has ever done. Because you are who no one has ever been.

Be encouraged my fellow dreamers.

Brittani ChaviousBrittani D. Chavious
First Year

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