This Week: April 22 – 26

The 2013 spring semester is drawing to a close.  Of course, many tasks await our attention before we officially proclaim that the semester has ended. Student, staff, and faculty calendars are packed with meetings, due dates, exam schedules, commencement events, and more. Perhaps one way to generate energy for a strong finish to the spring semester is to look back over our calendars and be reminded of just how far we’ve journeyed since this academic year began last fall. Lectures, workshops, classes, seminars, and many other activities season our academic year professional calendars. Personal calendars have added to those activities dinners with friends, travels to visit family, and multiple other moments when we played or rested or simply embodied “ordinary time.”

I invite us this week to look back over the academic year and begin even now, as exams and commencement draw nigh, to celebrate projects well done, tasks completed, and goals met. I invite us, too, to take a moment to remember the stories and faces connected to the tasks and events recorded in our calendars. Calendars can spark for us gratitude for the people with whom we’ve journeyed through delightful or dreary days, for prayers answered, or for unexpected interruptions to our planned activities that brought to us graced moments, moments that perhaps are not recorded on a calendar but that nevertheless shaped and shape who we are.

Also, while we are on the subject of calendars, let me remind all of us of a few upcoming academic dates to remember:

Last Day of Classes Wednesday, May 1
Spring Semester Final Exams May 3 – 9
Hooding Ceremony Saturday, May 18
Baccalaureate Sunday, May 19
Commencement Monday, May 20


Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are an important aspect of curriculum review and planning for future semesters. Students are encouraged to complete course evaluations for each of their courses. Evaluations can be completed through student WIN accounts. 


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Blessings on the week ahead,

  Jill Crainshaw
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs




Photo by Ken Bennett, University Photographer